Ok so im gonna vent a little bc ugh my mental state recently hasnt been good so heh imma talk here

My mom is randomly pissed at me today. I was getting picked up by one of my friends to go to another friends house and I KID YOU NOT like 5 seconds before my friend arrived this was our conversation (i’m in bold btw)

‘Text me when you get there’


‘You better text me when you get there!’

‘I said fine’

(Cue my mom getting pissed at me)

Then when i got home, this was the convo between my mom and i (im in bold again)

‘How was *blank’s* house?’

‘It was cool. We talked about how this family is cheap (idk why i said that ugh)’

(Cue my mom slamming the kitchen door in my face and not talking to me. I get that i shouldnt have said the cheap thing but what happened next was totally uncalled for in my opinion)

(Im in the kitchen making some food and my mom walks in, im in bold again)

‘Are you mad at me?’

‘No’ (but like in a ‘yes im mad’ tone)

‘Are you mad at me?’

‘No. Just the usual’

‘whats the usual?’

‘You know what the usual is’

‘Uh, no i dont’

‘I talked to you today for five minutes and most of that was you complaining about how i do things wrong (it wasnt) so why would i want to talk to you?’

(Cue my mom walking out again)

Also, one of my friends started a prank and got me basically roped in and at the end (aka last night) she told me to roast her really hard and see how the rest of the group would react. They got pissed (obvs) and this girl idk if she even wants to talk to me because ive been left on read but one of the other girls sent me screenshots and she said that the girl was fine?

So right now i feel really empty and i feel like i shouldnt talk to anyone because it will make them angry and i shouldnt tell how i feel to ppl because ill sound like a victim and im already complaining

Im sorry i just feel so empty and sad i really want to talk to someone but theyre probably going to get mad at me i feel so sad


1 thought on “Empty”

  1. I know it’s a cliche, but don’t feel sad; you are a shining light to many people. Nobody gets along with everyone 100% of the time. We all have our rough edges.


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