Unpopular opinions

Don’t get mad at me in the comments because I’m just saying my opinions 🙂

  • French fries are horrible
  • I consider non-binary and intersex gender identities
  • I believe in 4 genders
  • I don’t really like Antonio Garza, but I love Emma Chamberlain
  • Racism isn’t just directed towards black people; anyone can experience racism
  • Cats are MUCH better than dogs
  • I actually like some k-pop songs but the fandom turns me away from it completely
  • I prefer youtube over TV/Netflix
  • I don’t understand -kin and think it’s bullcrap
  • Gender and sex are different things
  • Oppression can happen anywhere
  • Pink and Sia are very underrated
  • Brynn was the best dancemoms girl
  • Jojo Siwa isn’t that annoying
  • Vessel is better than Trench
  • I actually like school
  • I like Taylor Swift
  • I’ve never been interested in Ariana Grande and haven’t heard the new album
  • Swearing doesn’t equal stupidity
  • The cream in an Oreo is disgusting
  • I used to like Harry Potter but I think it’s boring now
  • Men and women are literally the same except for genitals
  • Rape can be done by anyone, to anyone
  • Mother Theresa was a murderer
  • I prefer Jake over Logan (even though I liked Logan, I stopped supporting him at the start of the year)
  • I don’t like 6ix9ine or X
  • My birthday is better than Christmas
  • I don’t like anime
  • I don’t like chocolate chip cookies
  • Dark chocolate is horrible
  • White chocolate is nice
  • Cadbury chocolate is horrible

Those are some of my unpopular opinions 🙂 please don’t go at me because these are only my opinions and everyone has their own

Let me know if you want a part 2


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Let’s talk about Maladaptive Daydreaming

So idk what this post even is but i think its going to be a mix of me b*tching about my mental illness but also saying how great it is because honestly its probably one of the best things that ever happened to me lol.

So i’ve told my parents that i have this (like i literally have every symptom) and they don’t want to believe the fact that it actually has significance, but i’m going to try to explain myself and say that this isnt really normal.

According to healthline.com , these are the symptoms:

  • extremely vivid daydreams with their own characters, settings, plots, and other detailed, story-like features

Anyone who knows about my current daydream knows that i literally went so far as to create a daydream of my character’s social media profile(s) and daydream about what’s on their phone

  • daydreams triggered by real-life events

Lol on halloween i had to go outside and daydream about my character literally on halloween

  • difficulty completing everyday tasks

*cough* Ya girl didn’t revise because of this and also had to rush my morning routine so i could go daydream

  • difficulty sleeping at night

Not all the time, but a quite a lot, i purposely wake myself up when i’m about to fall asleep because i’m having such a good daydream (only when i have good night-daydreams tho which is pretty rare)

  • an overwhelming desire to continue daydreaming

The only reasons i stop daydreaming are if my butt hurts from sitting down too long, if i get too cold/hot to the point of i can’t daydream or if i need to go do something

  • performing repetitive movements while daydreaming

I either walk up and down my garden or push myself on a swing for like an hour straight

  • making facial expressions while daydreaming

I pretend to be my character and i pretend to be her posing for pictures so i think if you watched me daydream you would see me doing a duck-face or some other pose lol

  • whispering and talking while daydreaming

Not all the time, but i do mouth a few lines of dialogue if its an important line or if i won’t be able to keep track of it in my head (i.e. if its continuous dialogue from just one character)

  • daydreaming for lengthy periods (many minutes to hours)

Normally i daydream for around 50 mins at a time, but on a non-school day i do this at least 3 or 4 times, and these 50-minute incraments can be even longer if i’m bored or if i have a really good plotline

So now that we’ve figured out that i have this thing, let me tell you about what it does/my thoughts on it

  • I feel like my grades are dropping because i don’t really study for tests because of this
  • I get a lot of low motivation periods which i now realise are longer and more frequent than they should
  • I don’t have the energy to do things i used to do, like playing the flute or writing
  • I get really restless/irritable if i don’t daydream and get yelled at as a result
  • Normally in the mornings i try to pick out a nice outfit, and do my makeup nicely etc but now i just rush it because i want to daydream and then i don’t like my appearance for the rest of the day
  • If i go on a walk to daydream (basically when i walk to/from school), I get really anxious around strangers because i don’t want people to see me staring at the ground mouthing words to myself
  • I don’t want to not have this though, because i feel fulfilled from it and i consider the people in the daydreams like my friends or alternate personas
  • However, i do want this to be a more on-command thing because even though i want to daydream, i don’t want my brain nagging me to the point of i have to sacrifice my grades and hobbies for it
  • On a positive note, i actually kind of like having this because i feel like it helps me be creative and in class i know how to effectively daydream to control my boredom

I also wanted to say something about my parents again and how they handle it (again) because i just want to

Back in March (i didnt even know i had this but this is when it was kind of obvious especially when i travelled because thats when i most commonly daydreamed (either travelling or walking because i didnt use the swing yet)), my dad and I went to Liverpool and he had this whole thing of ‘don’t be plugged in all the time and actually talk to me’. The thing is, i don’t daydream when i’m walking with other people, only if im on a moving vehicle.

To make things a bit easier, these are the times i can daydream:

  • On a swing (from May 2018 though)
  • Walking alone
  • Travelling in a moving vehicle
  • Sitting in class (rarely)
  • Listening to music in bed (also rarely for day-daydreams)
  • In bed

So I would have talked to my dad anyway when we were in Liverpool. On the train ride there, i was kind of ok, but i was still a bit restless and kinda wished my dad would give this up

On the second train to liverpool (we had to take a seperate train to another liverpool station) i finally made my dad crack and give me my phone but i could definitely tell he wasn’t happy about it

I know my family and probably people i know don’t like that i act like this/think this is weird but let me just say that my brain literally tells me all the time that i should go and daydream, and this feeling doesn’t stop until I go and daydream. It’s not a matter of ‘if you want to, you can go daydream’; it’s ‘you have to go daydream’. This isn’t easily controllable and it also isnt something that started/will go away overnight.

Thanks for reading this post lol i wanted to make this for such a long time because i just wanted to talk about it and i think i have quite a severe case (especially since when I started using the swing back in May) and i wanted to talk about it because i dont think my family and people around me understand this fully and don’t believe me when i say that this isn’t normal.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂