Unpopular opinions

Don’t get mad at me in the comments because I’m just saying my opinions 🙂

  • French fries are horrible
  • I consider non-binary and intersex gender identities
  • I believe in 4 genders
  • I don’t really like Antonio Garza, but I love Emma Chamberlain
  • Racism isn’t just directed towards black people; anyone can experience racism
  • Cats are MUCH better than dogs
  • I actually like some k-pop songs but the fandom turns me away from it completely
  • I prefer youtube over TV/Netflix
  • I don’t understand -kin and think it’s bullcrap
  • Gender and sex are different things
  • Oppression can happen anywhere
  • Pink and Sia are very underrated
  • Brynn was the best dancemoms girl
  • Jojo Siwa isn’t that annoying
  • Vessel is better than Trench
  • I actually like school
  • I like Taylor Swift
  • I’ve never been interested in Ariana Grande and haven’t heard the new album
  • Swearing doesn’t equal stupidity
  • The cream in an Oreo is disgusting
  • I used to like Harry Potter but I think it’s boring now
  • Men and women are literally the same except for genitals
  • Rape can be done by anyone, to anyone
  • Mother Theresa was a murderer
  • I prefer Jake over Logan (even though I liked Logan, I stopped supporting him at the start of the year)
  • I don’t like 6ix9ine or X
  • My birthday is better than Christmas
  • I don’t like anime
  • I don’t like chocolate chip cookies
  • Dark chocolate is horrible
  • White chocolate is nice
  • Cadbury chocolate is horrible

Those are some of my unpopular opinions 🙂 please don’t go at me because these are only my opinions and everyone has their own

Let me know if you want a part 2


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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