Let’s rant about school

Ok, so I feel like actual crap right now because I PROMISED myself that I would do some writing and (hopefully) finish my Spanish project. Well, I did neither of those things and was actually (physically) beating myself up for it so my dumb a** thought ‘let’s rant about school and writing and how I feel underappreciated by the English department!1!1!!!1111!!‘ So that’s what we’re doing today 😀

Ok, so a few months ago, we had this external poetry competition about peace. We had a woman come in and talk about the competition and that sort of left a mental scar on me. She was the kind of flake that would gush over someone that wrote something like ‘peace is happy like a flower’ but get mad at actual, well-written work about peace. So, my depressing self wrote a poem about a girl who was stranded in war and was writing about everything she sees and how it links to war. I was genuinely proud of my poem and thought it stood a high chance of winning. Like, it was a well-written, structured, advanced poem. I didn’t even get highly commended :))))))))))

Like, this happens every. single. time. I enter a competition. And I’m actually sick of it because it’s not just me that actually liked my writing. Every person that’s read my writing in front of me said it was very good and advanced. People have messaged me regarding my writing on this blog and told me it was really good. Either those people are lying to me and I actually suck at writing or people who judge the competitions I enter don’t like my writing. Apparently, it’s because my writing is too depressing and unconventional, but who won the Carnegie medal of 2014? A writer who wrote a book where everybody died a horrible, graphic death.

And I genuinely think my writing is good. Call me egotistical, but I genuinely think it’s good. And it’s disappointing when I submit stories I wrote outside of school to my English teachers, only to have the paper come back covered in corrections. I’m not trying to say that my writing is perfect because it definitely isn’t, but it hurts when you put effort into a piece of work only for it to get overlooked and passed upon in exchange for something that uses less advanced structure, techniques and plotlines. Like, it’s frustrating and there are times when I start crying because of how people disregard my writing.

Ugh i dont even know anymore maybe i should stop writing


The Makeup Tag

Ok, so I decided to do this because I wanted to do a makeup themed post and I had no idea what to do because I mainly just wanted to say…

I’m an al0haglitz promoter 😀 I talked about them in my beauty routine back in July and I’m finally a promoter and I’m quaking sksk I’ve wanted to promote for them for months.

https://al0haglitz.tictail.com (they only ship to the UK but its worth checking them out because you can get their eyeshadows for £0.90/each with my code SAMSGLITZ.

Anyway let’s go to the actual content because y’all know I’m very deprived of that 🙂

Do you remember your first makeup item?

YES! It was a bright red lipstick for like £2 from this brand called ‘natural collection’. It’s a makeup brand that only uses natural ingredients (they’re not that good, to be honest, but they have good blush and lipgloss) and it was really bad and smelled rank :/

Describe your perfect mascara 

I think my perfect mascara would make my lashes look very curly and long, but also making them thick and clump-free. Like a mascara that looks like natural falsies. I think the closest I’ve found is the too faced BTS mascara, essence lash princess mascara (the green tube) and the benefit roller lash.

What kind of coverage do you prefer in a foundation?

Lately, I’ve been digging a light/medium coverage but in general probably a medium/full coverage.

Favourite high-end brand?

Urban Decay or Clarins (they do bomb lip oils)

What cosmetic brands have you wanted to try but haven’t?

Laura Mercier, Tarte and others but I can’t remember them atm

Favourite drugstore brand?

Probably makeup revolution, Maybelline or Rimmel

Do you wear fake eyelashes?

Noo, my eyelashes feel disgusting after I wear them and I suck at putting them on

Is there any kind of makeup you don’t leave the house without?

LIP OIL. Even when I go to school without makeup, I still slap some lip oil on because it’s amazing. My fav formula is the Clarins lip oil and I *accidentally* might have bought all 9 shades :/

What is your most cherished makeup product?

Either my lip oil collection or my urban decay naked palette (the original but my whole collection is close to my heart)

How often do you shop for makeup?

Probably at least once a week but I don’t always buy stuff

Do you have a ‘beauty budget’?

Pretty much my allowance (£40/month) but I’m known to overstep it a lot :/

Do you utilise coupons/rewards etc?

HECK yeah. Actually, not really because I don’t have a boots or Superdrug card but when they do 3 for 2 deals or free gifts then I take advantage of that

What type of product do you buy the most of?

Probably foundation, lip products or eyeshadows

Is there a brand you can’t stand?

Probably Revlon because their products are way too overpriced and they aren’t very good quality/don’t work for me

Do you avoid certain products in makeup?

Only lanolin because I’m allergic to it but that’s more skincare

Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

Probably Boots because they have NYX and self-serve machines

Do you like trying new skincare products?

Yes! My skincare routine changes all the time but my skin’s actually not too bad; it just gets dry sometimes but I rub vaseline all over it every night so it doesn’t actually matter

Favourite bath and body brand?

Bath and body works, but for my UK folks, probably vaseline lotions and original source body wash

If you could only buy from one brand, what would it be?

Urban Decay, because all their products (that I have) have been insane and I feel like they’re pretty unproblematic and have rave reviews on all of their products

What brand do you think has the best packaging?

Probably either Urban Decay or Rimmel because I love their powder packaging (like on the stay matte powder) but the only problem is that it rubs off quickly

Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

I’m an al0haglitz promoter (SAMSGLITZ for ££ off (I’ll stop now)) but that’s pretty much it

5 favourite beauty gurus?

Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, James Charles, John Maclean and Tati (I used to like Jackie Aina but I got bored of her and lost respect for her anyway)

Do you like multifunctional products (eg. lip/cheeck tints)

God no, because most of the time, the product isn’t even good at either task

Are you clumsy at putting on makeup? 

I think I used to be but now I mastered the proper instagram foundation application (putting the pump directly on the face) and now I’m like a racecar because I take like 10 minutes to do my makeup now lol

Do you use eyeshadow primer?

Most of the time I use concealer, but I use Urban Decay Primer Potion when I remember

How many hair products do you use typically?

I brush my hair and (sometimes) use hairspray if I do a bun because my hair is notorious for falling out

What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?

Foundation, because that’s how I learnt

Do you ever consider makeup classes?

No, because I don’t want to go into cosmetology and can learn plenty for free online

What do you love about makeup?

I think it makes me more confident, because I can change my features to something I feel comfortable in (because there are several features of mine that I definitely want to hide), and it’s also just a fun, creative, easy art that is a good outlet of mine

Sorry I was so quick but my entire body hurts and I really need to go to bed 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

365 Questions (Part 1)

I’m going to be a cool blogger kid uwu and do a 365 questions tag every month (Im doing these on new years eve but im scheduling them so i have content)

What is your number one goal this year? To get over my toxic friends

What are you most grateful for? That I’m going to a ton of concerts and we can afford it

Are you content right now? Yeah I guess

What is your best memory of 2018? Either the reading festival or the sleepover with my two best friends

What was the last major accomplishment you had? Either being able to count to 100 in 4 languages (thats not major but whatever) or passing my grade 4 flute

What possession could you not live without? My phone (i know thats basic but whatever)

Can people change? Is Earth a planet?

What was the last ‘good’ thing you ate? Taste-wise, chicken nuggets but health-wise, probably turkey or something I’m not healthy

What is your current favourite snack? Chocolate rice krispie squares

What made you smile today? Thinking about vidcon or memes

What’s your favourite accessory? Scrunchies? i don’t wear accessories

What is making you mad? The fact that toxic people haven’t had karma (i dont believe in karma but whatever)

What did you have for dinner today? Chicken nuggets

What did you get done? I cleaned my room and im going to try and do some homework tonight

Who last called you? My best friend but i never answer my phone because calls are disabled lol

Who are you in love with? A person

What are you grateful for? Concerts, friends, vidcon and travelling

What was the best part of today? Sleeping until 11:00

What’s your current favourite website? https://bloggerofthebloggish.wordpress.com or sporcle.com

What was the hardest thing that you’re dealing with? Toxic ex-friends

Today I wish I had more… food (im actually so hungry right now and i had literally no food today)

Tomorrow will be better because… it’s NYE tomorrow and I can stay up until 12 in my regular clothes (i go to bed at like 9)

What made today unusual? I slept until 11 which i’ve never ben able to do and was a goal of mine for a long time

What are you looking for from life? Complete contentment

What is your favourite thing to drink? Blood or milk

Today the temperature was… 9 degrees C

How much did you spend at the store last time you went? Like £4 lol

Tomorrow I will… do my spanish project 😦

What was your last major purchase? Checkerboard VANS (im so basic lol)

My house is a home because… I’ve lived here all my life

Who was the last person to tell you that they loved you? Probably my mom

I really need to go and my laptop is lagging so im going to end this quick. Happy 2019 bois.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂