I wrote a poem *TRIGGER WARNING*

*TRIGGER WARNING: This poem contains/has references to sexual assault/rape, so please don’t read on if you are sensitive to these topics, thanks 🙂 *

Ok, so before I post this poem, I lowkey wanted to say that I AM SEEING P!ATD IN 10 DAYS JSJSJSJ IM ACTUALLY NOT READY

And I’m obsessed with the Umbrella Academy (Klaus and 5 are my babies and I will die for them)

So, I was originally going to write this poem about a woman, but then I was like ‘crap, men can be raped as well, and nobody talks about it’. So, I’m going to share this poem with all of my 30 followers, hoping it will do something 🙂 (Also it’s written in comic sans because I read a hack where is said writing in cs helps writers block lol)

One is for sorrow

For the feelings kept below

Two is for mirth

For the crunch of the Earth

Three is for wedding

For the blood on his bedding

Four is for a birth

For his destroyed self-worth

Five is for silver

For the skin that shall wither

Six is for gold

For the body left cold

Seven is for a secret not to be told

For the way he was controlled

Eight is for promise

For the illusion that he was flawless

Nine for a kiss

For the damage he must dismiss

Ten is for a devil never to miss

For his feeling of abandoned bliss

Eleven brings storm

For his body is deformed

Twelve shall be fair

For his unconsented affair

Thirteen cruel whisper

From the one he called sister

Fourteen a care

For the sirens he heard blare

Fifteen a sojourn

For his heart is ever forlorn

Sixteen for home

Where anxiety isn’t his syndrome

Seventeen finds you standing alone

He looks over the cliff, desperate to break a bone

Eighteen brings you good fortune

When his life is forever misfortune

Nineteen justice done

His happiness reduced to none

Twenty is the sign an end has begun

The last chord had been played on life’s sad song

(By the way, the counting isn’t my poem, I basically found it on Pinterest and wrote alternate lines, so that’s why every alternate line sucks, because I wrote it 😀 )

Anyway, I’m going to go because I’m going to try and write an umbrella academy fanfic lol


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


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