365 Questions (April)

Ok, so it’s literally my birthday in 5 days as I’m writing this (Today is March 30th and also (one of) my best friend’s birthday 😀 ) and I saw P!ATD like 5 days ago and I’m literally sitting in the hoodie that I got from the merch stand and I love sm. I’m also meeting one of my internet best friends on the 9th and I’m excited af for that tooo 😀 Also I’ll probably do another what I got for my birthday because I can.

Anyway let’s be cringey and do the questions uwu

  1. Did you make someone laugh today and was it intentional?

Nah because I ain’t a comedic genius

2) What makes you sad?

The fact that my hUE bridge broke and now i have to wait for my cool lights to come back

3) Was today typical? Why/not?

I guess, because I do the exact same things on Saturdays.

4) Who do you trust the most?

I don’t really trust anyone lol

5) What’s your next major deadline?

I have a big history presentation on the 26th that I’ve been preparing for since January (wish me luck lol)

6) What did you have for breakfast today?

2 crumpets and a glass of milk (I wasn’t that hungry but I made myself eat something)

7) Do you have any regrets today?

Not really I literally did nothing today lmao

8) How did you add art to your life today?

I watched the Sia music video trilogy

9) What makes you happy?

The constant reminder that we will become extinct as a species

10) When was the last time you danced?

Around 8:00pm in my room lmao (it’s 10:00pm as I’m writing this)

11) List the people you live with 

My mom and my dad

12) What fears did you have today?

That my goddamn bridge won’t arrive on time

13) What did you forget?

I forgot to charge my phone last night and I woke up with it on 20% (it’s almost 90% now tho)

14) What is your favourite TV show?

Dance Moms, The Simpsons, Daria, Futurama, OITNB and The Umbrella Academy

15) I have faith that:

The sun will explode and kill all life on this planet

16) Who is the last person you kissed?

My mom lol

17) What did you wear today?

I wore a pink t-shirt with a fall out boy hoodie and leggings but now I’m wearing pink sweatpants and an Interactive Introverts T-shirt

18) What is testing you?

Philips because my hUE BRIDGE ISNT HERE

19) What is the oldest thing you’re wearing right now?

I’ve got a scrunchie in my hair that I wore when I was like 7

20) List 3 things you should have done today

-Organised my makeup
-Spent time with my mom
-Eaten a bigger breakfast (I didn’t eat for like 5 hours after breakfast oops)

21) Where did you spend most time today?

My room lol

22) Share a favourite quote

“If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, don’t worry about it now”

23) Who did you worry about today?

My grandma because she had a *mild* heart problem

24) Were you creative today?

Not really lol

25) What’s the next major purchase you need to make?

Don’t really have one :/

26) What was the last thing that made you cry?

Listening to ‘legend’ by top when thinking about my dead grandpa (the first time I had to deal with a dying relative)

27) Today was tough because:

It was lowkey boring

28) Who are you jealous of?

A lot of people but I’m not naming anybody

29) Where do you want to go next?


30) What did you read today?

This question sheet

Anyway, those are my questions lol. I’m going to go because my laptop is slow as hELL and I’m bored as hell too.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂






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