What I got for my 14th birthday 😎😎

I actually am posting this (around) the time of my birthday, and by that I mean the same month lol. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would do a ‘what I got for my birthday’ post 🙂 Also, I really want to do tøp and p!atd concert posts so they might come soon

Anyway, I turned 14 on the 4th so I thought I would show you what I got (lowkey jealous of my 13th bday haul but I’m really grateful for the stuff I got and also my uncle hasn’t done the annual shopping spree because he isn’t in England until June yay)

Let’s go because I’m rambling lol

I’m going to organise these into catagories of when I got them, because i got some on a birthday sleepover, some on the day and some on a shopping spree from my parents so yeah


I went to a P!ATD concert because they were touring in the UK (even tho I already saw them in Reading lol) and the date was 8 days away from my birthday and my parents are cool hippies so they said I could go (they read my posts lol) and I also got this amazing hoodie but it was £50 🥵

Birthday sleepover

On the 2nd-3rd of April I had a sleepover with 3 of my closest (real life) friends and they got me cool stuff so here it is heh

From one of my friends I got an eyeshadow palette and an ELF lipstick which are both p cool 😉

From A (from the ouija board post) I got this sweater because she said ‘I think it has something to do with emo’ ha

From my best friend (from the matlock bath posts) I got a dan & phil phone case and phil’s doodle planner because we both watch (& obsess) over dan and phil heh

Actual birthday presents

My main present was the Alex 9 drawers from ikea because i’ve been begging for them for like 3 years and my parents finally let me have them yayyy

From my grandma I got 2 pixi mists because the milky one is my all-time fav skincare product and the pink one I also wanted because one of my fav instagrammers recommended it and i love the smell lol

From my grandma as well I got the pixi glow tonic because I originally wanted to get this in my xmas shopping spree but they didnt have it oops

From my parents I got the mario badescu aloe spray because I ran out

From my parents as well I got the Mario Badescu drying lotion because it was recommended and I LOVE it

From my parents I got the anastasia dipbrow pomade because I really wanted a good brow product (it is so good and i understand what people were saying when they said that they couldnt live without it lol)

My parents also got the Maybelline great lash mascara for me because Issy Walsh (aka my fav youtuber) recommended it

I also got the Urban Decay Naked reloaded palette because i’m an Urban Decay junkie and have all of their palettes but I dont really like this lol (the original Naked is the best)

My parents got me the Clinique take the day off balm because i was begging for it too lol

My grandma got me airpods 😀 (they’re fake but they actually work ha)

My dad got me this beatles hoodie because Ive been listening to them for 9 years and still have nO merch (I had merch when i was like 5 lol)

I also got this hoodie because it’s really cute merch from a youtuber called tea spill and its cute lol

My dad got me bohemian rhapsody on dvd because it’s one of my fav movies and I nearly cried when it ended (I cry at nothing heh)

Shopping spree

I got this foundation because I ran out of it (I got it last year in my bday haul)

I got pretty much the whole revolution conceal and define range because most of it isn’t in my shade oops

I got the too-faced foundation because it was hyped and I wanted something from too faced

I also got the classic all-nighter setting spray because I’ve wanted it for forever but never had the guts to buy it lol

I got this random maybelline mist because they had a deal so i got this for free waheyy

I got this revolution lipstick for free because I spent over £12 on revolution

I got the Urban Decay mini heat palette because I really wanted to try it but I didn’t know if I would like it (spoiler: I do but because it’s more autumnal I dont reach for it much)

I got this cetaphil cleanser after seeing so many people recommend it ha

I also got this facemask for the same reason

And this moisturiser

Finally I got some cutlery holders as makeup organisers for my Alex drawers

So that’s my birthday haul, hope y’all liked it 😇

I’m also doing an updated beauty routine because I like those posts and I havent done one in a while (it’s also been 2 years since my original yay)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂