365 Qyestions (May)

Ok so I’m SORRY I PROCRASTINATED so hard making this post lol. I’ve been sick and covered in work, so I kinda procrastinated this oops. Anyways, here’s my monthly post to save my dying blog he. Also, follow my stan twitter account – @screamtrenchh_ because I retweet good stuff there AND FOLLOW MY MAKEUP INSTAGRAM @samantha_beautyxcc because i post emo makeup looks 😀

Let’s get started waheyyy

1) Who was kind to you today?

Idk??? I didnt interact with many people today – but my mom ordered a bunch of food for me 😉

2) Who is the last person you spoke with?

My mom

3) What makes you feel alive?


4) The store I frequent the most is:

Probably Boots or Primark to be honest

5) How did you relax today?

I slept in until 8:30 and stayed in my bed watching youtube for an hour

6) Describe your favourite pair of shoes you own

White and black checkerboard VANS

7) What rule had the most impact on your day?

I have no idea haha

8) How many pairs of shoes do you own?

4 – my vans, some sneakers, school sneakers and school shoes

9) Today I lost:

The ability to breathe through my nose (I’m sick lol)

10) I really wish ____ hadn’t been invented

Guns; it’s a useless invention that’s only used to kill people

11) What’s the most expensive thing you own and can carry?

Probably my phone (£700-800)

12) How much money is in your bank account right now?


13) Why was today unique?

Even though today is Sunday, it’s not the end of the weekend because tomorrow is a bank holiday wooo

14) What did you leave undone today?

literally everything oops

15) Today, the weather was:


16) What was in your email today?

Nothing because my email isN’T WORKING

17) What do you wish you had said today?

I don’t know lol

18) What was the biggest decision you made today?

Deciding to make this post hehe

19) What are you waiting for?


20) What’s the truth about today?

That today isn’t the end of the weekend 😀

21) What’s the last thing you settled for?


22) Describe your day in a six-word sentence

whydoihave to use a slowashell laptopthatwonteventypeinsync

23) What was the last thing that hurt you?

My laptop that actually can’t type at a decent speed and i lowkey want to burn it hhhhh

24) Did you use your time wisely today?


25) Did you have a dream last night?

I had a dream that my mom dies :/

26) Where do you wish you were?

Shopping (~im basic lol)

27) What music did you hear today?

My BOPPING playlist

28) What did you have the most fun doing today?

Anything not involving my crap laptop :DDDD

29) What do you love the most in your morning routine?

Doing my makeup because i can watch crackhead videos

30) What hobbies do you have?

Blogging, writing, listening to music and dong makeup

31) What was the lowest point of your day?

Making this post because of my crap laptop (no, I’m not letting this go)

Ok I’m going to go because I’m really frustrated with my laptop so cya bros 😉


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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