Ok so this is going to be your average yearly beach trips post but uh i almost died in whitby so i’ll put that story down below :):):)):):)):)::)

7th Aug I went to Scarborough


– Very nice beach


– Good weather


– We were dropped off at the wrong place oop


– Everything was so far away so we had to WALK

9th Aug I went to Skegness


– Warm sea

– AMAZING waves

– Amazing food


– I didnt get to go on the rides 😦

– My butt and leg hurt SO BAD on the way back oops

– Sandstorms :))))))

19th Aug I went to Whitby


– Alexanders is amazing (its a fish and chips cafe and UGH ITS SO GOOD)

– We went to a cute beach 🙂

– Good photo ops


– Someone threw up on the bus :):):):):)

– I almost died

– The water was literally ice cold

Ok lemme tell you about how i almost died

So basically theres this bridge on the beach and one side goes to the normal beach, and the other side goes to a very rocky/desolate beach, so my mom and i went to the rocky one cause it looked cool

So we walked for a good 1/4 mile – 1/2 mile down this beach which is COVERED in massive rocks (3-4ft tall) but its really desolate and so pretty so we dont mind

We reach the end of the sandy path (after that point it was just rocks and nothing else) so we turn around to go back after about 10 mins of skipping rocks etc

Then we realised that the tide came in.

And took the entire beach with it.

By that, I mean that all the sand was gone, and some rocks that were close to the water were being engulfed as well

And it wasnt like we could wait for the tide to go out either cause it had only just started coming in and had already swallowed the beach

So, we had to climb the 4ft tall, slippery, pointy rocks back. The tide was only getting higher and by this point the water would have been over our heads

So we started to climb and of course i was screaming and swearing cause i was lowkey terrified haha

Spoiler alert: we made it back alive, and with all of our stuff in tact and we only had a few scratches on our legs and wet leggings

So yeah thats basically how i almost died cause if i fell off the rocks hard enough i probably would have fallen in the water 🙂

Heres a picture of the rocks

These are the rocks we had to climb and you can see that the tide is already in

(I took this after we had climbed the rocks so)

Ok imma go to bed its 1am and i need to SLEEP


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Happy 5 years brothers

Ok, so bloggish is officially 5 years old.

I lowkey didn’t think i would get this far cause mEnTaL hEaLth but i survived and hopefully there will be another 5 years 🙂

Because im last minute and boring im going to do 50 unpopular opinions cause i want to share my controversial opinions with the world 😀

1) Whatsapp is better than imessage

2) Chocolate is nasty and disgusting

3) The bottom part of the cupcake is the best

4) The Beatles is a good band, but people shouldnt hate on bands like bts etc cause they are the beatles of this generation

5) Cats are 10000x better than dogs

6) Green is an ugly colour for clothes

7) I prefer iOS to android cause its much smoother and more aesthetically pleasing

8) I like double denim

9) Airpods are great

10) The only good sports to watch are figure skating, climbing, swimming, diving and gymnastics

11) LGBT people and black people deserve their own months (there is also a military month which is may)

12) ‘save the turtles’ is bullshit

13) water parks are much better than theme parks

14) i enjoy long car rides as long as i have time to stand up/stretch

15) ‘Friends’ is very overrated

16) ‘Love island’ is bullshit

17) I dont care if you like things i dont but dont shove them in my face

18) Bananas are the best fruit

19) Cream is horrible

20) Waffles are better than pancakes

21) JK Rowling is concieted and overrated

22) Kevin Brooks and Sarah Crossan are my favourite authors

23) Binge watching TV is boring

24) Youtube is MUCH better than Netflix

25) Racism happens to any race depending on the circumstance (same goes for any kind of discrimination)

26) Apple music is better than spotify – less confusing and its not littered with unnecessary features

27) Euthanasia is not inhumane and should be universally legalized

28) Churches should not be tax free just because theyre ‘religious buildings’

29) Kpop isnt bad but it should stop being shoved in everyones faces

30) Im not a huge fan of Eastern/Asian food

31) The death penalty should be legal everywhere because it will be better for the majority if someone who killed 20 people is killed

32) Moths are annoying and useless

33) Weed should be legalised but have limits, but it should be universally allowed medically

34) Communism is good in theory but isnt good in practise

35) The Kardashians are good buisnesswomen but theyre also horrendously overrated

36) I dont care if you vape/drink/smoke, just respect my decision to refrain from such activities

37) Fat acceptance is bullshit but if you are naturally plus-sized and living a healthy lifestyle then good for you!

38) Rap is my least favourite music genre

39) Everyone is asexual until puberty

40) Vaccination should be mandatory unless there is a severe medical reason

41) People should stop pushing for womens rights over men and fight just for rights for humanity

42) Throwing away the leftovers on my plate isnt starving the african children

43) A 10+ year age gap is not bad (if youre both consenting adults) – a 19 year old with a 29 year old is not bad if they are both consenting

44) Ariana Grande is a good singer but she is so overrated

45) Fake merch is just as good, if not better than real merch

46) ABBA is underrated

47) Polyamory should be legalised

48) Non binary people are valid and they/them pronouns are valid

49) Gender fluidity is a form of gender expression, not a gender identity

50) Kids should be allowed to have smartphones, not only to avoid isolation in real life, but most of the internet is safe as long as you know red flags

Those are some unpopular opinions, they gradually get more controversial but please respect that they are all opinions (except for number 25 cause thats an actual fact that people are too ignorant to believe), so yeah.

Happy 5 years again brothers 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

A day in the life of bloggerofthebloggish (summer holiday edition)

Ok, so im on a 5 hour bus ride and i was reading my old blog posts and saw a day in the life that i did, so I thought why not do a summer day in my life so i dont have to think about my crippling leg pain right now 🙂 (also im typing this on my phone so the grammar etc isnt the best lol)

(This is for free days so this obviously isnt every day cause i do go outside with friends etc)

8:20AM – Wake up in a daze and roll over

10:00AMActually wake up because I dont wanna sleep until 12 oops

10:30 – Get out of bed after scrolling on my phone

10:40 – Have breakfast

11:00 – Get changed, do makeup etc

11:20 – Pack my laptop, keys and bus card and go to the bus stop

11:35 – Get on the bus 😀

11:50 – Walk to the library

12:00 – Do some summer work

12:50 – Leave the library and go to the main shopping centre

1:00 – Go shopping/run errands etc

1:30 – Catch the bus to go back home

2:00 – End up home

2:10 – Make lunch (normally croissants & spaghetti hoops because YES)

3:00 – Put away laptop, bus card etc

3:10 – Listen to music

4:00 – Go get a snack (cupcakes, porridge etc)

4:45 – Watch youtube/lie down cause food coma

5:30 – Get a random burst of motivation and clean something

6:20 – Listen to music again

6:45 – DINNER

7:00 – Listen to more music (shocker)

8:00 – ‘Family time’ aka me socialising with my parents oops

9:00 – Watch more youtube/do some makeup looks for my makeup insta 😀

10:00 – Skincare routine

10:15 – Shower time

10:40 – Another snack (shocker)

11:00 – More skincare & unmaking bed, daily reflections etc

11:10 – Listen to MORE music

11:40 – Watch youtube for ages

12:30 – Turn off my lights

1:00/1:30 – Watch youtube until i fall asleep

so thats basically a typical holiday day in my life, obviously i hang with friends or go places but this is my typical chilled out day but still kinda grinding 😔

anyways im going to go cause my legs hurt so bad that they will PROBABLY fall off lmao


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Bloggerofthebloggish beauty routine (UPDATED 2019)

Ok, so it’s been around a year since my last beauty routine, but im being a bit more minimalistic this time around so I thought i would show you my more natural makeup routine that isnt full-on foundation, eyeshadow etc (also it’s literally midnight as i’m doing this so sorry for the bad lighting lol)


I used to (and i still do) store my makeup in my alex 9 drawers, but i moved my favourites into this makeup bag from WHSmith and it’s my fav makeup bag ever its so adorable 🥺

From: WHSmith

Price: £8.99


For primer i use my MAC Fix+ goldlite cause it’s easy to spray on and its very very shimmery and pretty 🙂

From: MAC

Price: £19.50


Ok, so i didn’t know a brow product could be THIS good, but the Anastasia Dipbrow exceeded all of my expectations! I have never had a pomade so creamy, and also so long-wearing. It’s also easy to change the instensity, but because it is £19, a dupe i recommend is the Makeup Obession pomade, but please buy the ABH pomade if you’re able to!


Price: £19


Similar to my last beauty routine, I’m still using the iconic collection concealer, but I also recommend the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer which is similar price but the collection one is more natural and just better coverage for summer

From: Boots

Price: £4.19


This powder is universally hated by the beauty community due to the smell and fragility, but this is one of my favourite powders ever and it hasnt broken (yet, even though this is my 3rd compact lol) and i consider it better than its popular companion, the Stay Matte powder. So, cue Rimmel Clear Complexion!

From: Boots

Price: £3.99


This product is also generally disliked in favour of the popular Benefit HOOLA bronzer, but after repeatedly trying HOOLA, i instantaneously preferred this product to HOOLA, because it’s less patchy, much cheaper and has a better shade range (imo), however the Rimmel Natural Bronzer is quite orange compared to HOOLA.

From: Boots

Price: £3.99

Brow gel

Just a regular ESSENCE brow gel, not much to see here lmao

From: Wilko

Price: £2.50

Setting spray

So, i have the urban decay all nighter spray, and I do like it, but I think the Maybelline dream satin mist is a little better, because it dries with a lovely glowy finish and is very easy to apply highlighter on top of, and it’s also much cheaper!

From: Boots

Price: £6.99


Hands-down one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, however it does tend to touch your eyelids and leave black spots, but other than that the Essence Lash Princess Mascara is a must-have!

From: Wilkos

Price: £3.50


While this isn’t my favourite highlighter palette (SLEEK distorted dreams is by far my fav), the popular SLEEK solstice palette definitely deserves hype for its versatile, everyday colours that suit everyone!

From: Boots (i use the orange and yellow shades)

Price: £9.99

So, that’s pretty much my new beauty routine that’s a lot more everyday and natural, and now it’s time for my ugly mug to display the finished look!

Let’s compare with my previous looks (in order: April 2017, July 2018, August 2019)

Ok i’m going to go cause it’s 1am right now and I need to fix my sleep schedule really bad 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


I hate feeling like this. I hate it.
Basically, as of today, my best friend has officially moved out of the country.
My best friend is moving from England to Dubai because long story short, financial problems, loss of jobs etc. I have only known her for just over a year, but throughout year 9 (8th grade), she has helped me so so much as a person. She’s the completing force in our friendship group, and when the three of us (i.e. our close close friend group) hang out together, it just feels right. Like, we don’t need any more people and we don’t need any less people. Our group was absolutely perfect. We hung out every day at school, and during the holidays we would get together at least once if it was a really short holiday. Even though I had spent more of my secondary school life without her than with her, I couldn’t even imagine how it would be without her. She balances us out perfectly; we have me who agrees with one side, my other friend who agrees with both sides, and this friend who agrees with the other side. Like, everything was perfect. And I don’t even want to begin thinking how I will cope next year with GCSEs coming to eat my ass and more academic stress put on me.

And I hate how I feel right now.
I feel absolutely numb.
I don’t know what your reaction should be when I tell you that this isn’t uncommon at all. I don’t even know if it’s healthy, but hear me out anyway.
When I feel numb, I can’t do anything pretty much. I could literally be knee deep in a task and when this feeling hits me, I suddenly drop everything I’m doing and suddenly I switch off.
Physically, I can’t do anything. My entire body feels like a weight I have to drag around and anything besides lying on my bed sounds pretty unappealing to me. And when I do lie on my bed and scroll through my phone for hours, I hate it. I want to be productive and I want to do things but I can’t. Getting out of bed seems impossible, and when I do, I’m so dizzy from lying down that I eventually get back in bed anyway.
Mentally, I can’t do anything. If you’ve read my posts about maladaptive daydreaming, you know that my imagination is extremely active. I can turn on my music and slip into a daydream world so easily that nobody can even tell. However, when I feel this way, I can’t. I start my pacing and turn my music on full volume, but nothing comes to my mind. My mind is just like a grey fuzz, and my love for creating new characters and plotlines has suddenly become nothing more than a past hobby. I want to create and I want to experience this idealised world I created for myself, but my brain just turns off and leaves me feeling even more hopeless.
Emotionally, I can’t do anything. When I’m numb, I don’t feel anything. Every time I try to feel something, my brain reminds me why I feel numb, and suddenly that emotion is discarded. I don’t laugh but I don’t cry. Every inch of my body wants me to cry, but I just can’t. I don’t want to start crying unless I know I don’t have to do anything. For example, if it’s a school night, I don’t cry unless I have a good hour in the evening of completely free time. I put work and commitments ahead of my crying time, cause I can just feel numb for a few hours because work comes first, obviously.
I hate feeling this way, because I literally can’t do anything. I have no motivation to get up, or to get ready for bed, but I still do it because I will hate myself even more if I don’t. I want to let loose and do a fake karaoke and do what I love, but my brain convinces me that I’m faking it and I shouldn’t feel this way.
And the worst part is that I don’t even know when it will hit. For example, I was cleaning out my dresser (I was literally knee-deep in clothing) and suddenly I got a text from one of my friends saying she can’t hang out. Suddenly, this numbness hit me like a train. I could physically feel my body becoming heavy, and my mind becoming grey and fuzzy, and I wanted to cry so badly, but my entire body just shut off.