Bloggerofthebloggish beauty routine (UPDATED 2019)

Ok, so it’s been around a year since my last beauty routine, but im being a bit more minimalistic this time around so I thought i would show you my more natural makeup routine that isnt full-on foundation, eyeshadow etc (also it’s literally midnight as i’m doing this so sorry for the bad lighting lol)


I used to (and i still do) store my makeup in my alex 9 drawers, but i moved my favourites into this makeup bag from WHSmith and it’s my fav makeup bag ever its so adorable 🥺

From: WHSmith

Price: £8.99


For primer i use my MAC Fix+ goldlite cause it’s easy to spray on and its very very shimmery and pretty 🙂

From: MAC

Price: £19.50


Ok, so i didn’t know a brow product could be THIS good, but the Anastasia Dipbrow exceeded all of my expectations! I have never had a pomade so creamy, and also so long-wearing. It’s also easy to change the instensity, but because it is £19, a dupe i recommend is the Makeup Obession pomade, but please buy the ABH pomade if you’re able to!


Price: £19


Similar to my last beauty routine, I’m still using the iconic collection concealer, but I also recommend the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer which is similar price but the collection one is more natural and just better coverage for summer

From: Boots

Price: £4.19


This powder is universally hated by the beauty community due to the smell and fragility, but this is one of my favourite powders ever and it hasnt broken (yet, even though this is my 3rd compact lol) and i consider it better than its popular companion, the Stay Matte powder. So, cue Rimmel Clear Complexion!

From: Boots

Price: £3.99


This product is also generally disliked in favour of the popular Benefit HOOLA bronzer, but after repeatedly trying HOOLA, i instantaneously preferred this product to HOOLA, because it’s less patchy, much cheaper and has a better shade range (imo), however the Rimmel Natural Bronzer is quite orange compared to HOOLA.

From: Boots

Price: £3.99

Brow gel

Just a regular ESSENCE brow gel, not much to see here lmao

From: Wilko

Price: £2.50

Setting spray

So, i have the urban decay all nighter spray, and I do like it, but I think the Maybelline dream satin mist is a little better, because it dries with a lovely glowy finish and is very easy to apply highlighter on top of, and it’s also much cheaper!

From: Boots

Price: £6.99


Hands-down one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, however it does tend to touch your eyelids and leave black spots, but other than that the Essence Lash Princess Mascara is a must-have!

From: Wilkos

Price: £3.50


While this isn’t my favourite highlighter palette (SLEEK distorted dreams is by far my fav), the popular SLEEK solstice palette definitely deserves hype for its versatile, everyday colours that suit everyone!

From: Boots (i use the orange and yellow shades)

Price: £9.99

So, that’s pretty much my new beauty routine that’s a lot more everyday and natural, and now it’s time for my ugly mug to display the finished look!

Let’s compare with my previous looks (in order: April 2017, July 2018, August 2019)

Ok i’m going to go cause it’s 1am right now and I need to fix my sleep schedule really bad 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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