A day in the life of bloggerofthebloggish (summer holiday edition)

Ok, so im on a 5 hour bus ride and i was reading my old blog posts and saw a day in the life that i did, so I thought why not do a summer day in my life so i dont have to think about my crippling leg pain right now 🙂 (also im typing this on my phone so the grammar etc isnt the best lol)

(This is for free days so this obviously isnt every day cause i do go outside with friends etc)

8:20AM – Wake up in a daze and roll over

10:00AMActually wake up because I dont wanna sleep until 12 oops

10:30 – Get out of bed after scrolling on my phone

10:40 – Have breakfast

11:00 – Get changed, do makeup etc

11:20 – Pack my laptop, keys and bus card and go to the bus stop

11:35 – Get on the bus 😀

11:50 – Walk to the library

12:00 – Do some summer work

12:50 – Leave the library and go to the main shopping centre

1:00 – Go shopping/run errands etc

1:30 – Catch the bus to go back home

2:00 – End up home

2:10 – Make lunch (normally croissants & spaghetti hoops because YES)

3:00 – Put away laptop, bus card etc

3:10 – Listen to music

4:00 – Go get a snack (cupcakes, porridge etc)

4:45 – Watch youtube/lie down cause food coma

5:30 – Get a random burst of motivation and clean something

6:20 – Listen to music again

6:45 – DINNER

7:00 – Listen to more music (shocker)

8:00 – ‘Family time’ aka me socialising with my parents oops

9:00 – Watch more youtube/do some makeup looks for my makeup insta 😀

10:00 – Skincare routine

10:15 – Shower time

10:40 – Another snack (shocker)

11:00 – More skincare & unmaking bed, daily reflections etc

11:10 – Listen to MORE music

11:40 – Watch youtube for ages

12:30 – Turn off my lights

1:00/1:30 – Watch youtube until i fall asleep

so thats basically a typical holiday day in my life, obviously i hang with friends or go places but this is my typical chilled out day but still kinda grinding 😔

anyways im going to go cause my legs hurt so bad that they will PROBABLY fall off lmao


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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