Ok so this is going to be your average yearly beach trips post but uh i almost died in whitby so i’ll put that story down below :):):)):):)):)::)

7th Aug I went to Scarborough


– Very nice beach


– Good weather


– We were dropped off at the wrong place oop


– Everything was so far away so we had to WALK

9th Aug I went to Skegness


– Warm sea

– AMAZING waves

– Amazing food


– I didnt get to go on the rides 😦

– My butt and leg hurt SO BAD on the way back oops

– Sandstorms :))))))

19th Aug I went to Whitby


– Alexanders is amazing (its a fish and chips cafe and UGH ITS SO GOOD)

– We went to a cute beach 🙂

– Good photo ops


– Someone threw up on the bus :):):):):)

– I almost died

– The water was literally ice cold

Ok lemme tell you about how i almost died

So basically theres this bridge on the beach and one side goes to the normal beach, and the other side goes to a very rocky/desolate beach, so my mom and i went to the rocky one cause it looked cool

So we walked for a good 1/4 mile – 1/2 mile down this beach which is COVERED in massive rocks (3-4ft tall) but its really desolate and so pretty so we dont mind

We reach the end of the sandy path (after that point it was just rocks and nothing else) so we turn around to go back after about 10 mins of skipping rocks etc

Then we realised that the tide came in.

And took the entire beach with it.

By that, I mean that all the sand was gone, and some rocks that were close to the water were being engulfed as well

And it wasnt like we could wait for the tide to go out either cause it had only just started coming in and had already swallowed the beach

So, we had to climb the 4ft tall, slippery, pointy rocks back. The tide was only getting higher and by this point the water would have been over our heads

So we started to climb and of course i was screaming and swearing cause i was lowkey terrified haha

Spoiler alert: we made it back alive, and with all of our stuff in tact and we only had a few scratches on our legs and wet leggings

So yeah thats basically how i almost died cause if i fell off the rocks hard enough i probably would have fallen in the water 🙂

Heres a picture of the rocks

These are the rocks we had to climb and you can see that the tide is already in

(I took this after we had climbed the rocks so)

Ok imma go to bed its 1am and i need to SLEEP


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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