ok so today i had my first day of year 10 (9th grade) and here is my traditional first day of school post 🙂

basically in year 10 i start my gcses which are very important exams in england which are your minimum qualifications for things like university etc, the courses are 2 years long and you take the exams at the end of year 11 (so when youre around 16)

i got to pick my gcses so i have a lot longer lessons but i have the subjects i like so 🙂

lets go!

so because our school is hashtag amazing nobody told us our new form rooms (we got new form groups too) so we were kinda wandering around for a long time trying to find our form room

one of my form tutors is cool but the other one is my gcse english teacher and she is SO scary and she picks on you for literally everything so thats fun having her for the 2nd time :):):):)

instead of double french we had double form period to get our timetables, locker keys etc and i FINALLY GOT A TOP LOCKER thank god also my timetable is quite good and i have friends in all my classes 🙂

after form period we had physics where we did a recap on waves and we also got a SHIT ton of books and specifications 😦

after physics and break we had math where i didnt understand anything uh but apparently its meant to be hard so. also we got an 800 page textbook yayyyyyy

then we had pe after lunch where we played benchball the entire time but thank god its bottom set lmao :):):)

finally we had english uh with my scary teacher but all we did was talk about the SHIT TON of work we had to do

i mean i didnt have a reason to be anxious cause i could barely eat and i barely slept but of course i stressed too much so :):):)

anyways that was my first day of year 10, sorry if it isnt detailed but i had like 2 panic attacks today and i feel like shit so :):)))


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

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