❀About me❀

Welcome to my hut. I am a nerdy recluse.

Just kidding. I’m just an *almost* 13-year old girl who had too much time on her hands. I love technology and am very pessimistic (or is my MoOD swInGs?) I am a massive nerd (yep, glasses, brains and all.) Here I rant about whatever comes to my mind or about my prison school. I have been blogging since I was about 9 and may *not* post that regularly. Feel free to read my cringey archive and tease me on how I had an unhealthy obsession with a rainbow emoji.

Despite what I may give off, I am just a normal girl who eXagGerAteS due to seVerE mOOd sWiNgs. I am living on my phone and feel dizzy and nauseous constantly. Normal, right?

Please check out my latest rants about life, and don’t forget to follow. See you soon!

Chaio! (I know I cannot spell)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

42 thoughts on “❀About me❀

  1. That’s right.

    Beijing – 45 points
    Brussels – 69 points

    The lowest score is Islamabad (Pakistan) – 3 points, and La Paz (Bolivia) – 4 points.

    Next round:



  2. Europa – 38

    Thalassa is a POINTLESS ANSWER! Congrats!

    So the final is 71 for LALSA, and 45 for Bloggerofthebloggish! Good job everybody!


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