❀About me❀

I swear to god I change this so much lolllll

Welcome to bloggish! This is a blog I’ve kept since I was 9 where I talk about random things, rant or just let out my feelings. Below, I will answer some questions (nobody asked me any but just let me do this before the self-deprecation sets in).

Name – bloggerofthebloggish (Samantha is my real name but eehhhhh)
Age – 13 (My birthday is April 4th)
Where I’m from – England (I’m half American and Russian but I was born and live in England)
Favourite Colour – Yellow or Teal
Favourite Music/Bands – Fall Out Boy, Queen, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots
Favourite Song ATM – ‘Polarize’ – Twenty One Pilots
Favourite Pastime – Writing stories, Makeup or Organising
Any siblings or pets? – I don’t have any siblings but I have 2 cats; a black and white one called Ollie and a grey one called Moonbeam
Favourite School Subject – Computing or Spanish
Public or Private School? – Private hehe
Favourite Foods – Toad in a hole, Popcorn and Chocolate Cupcakes
Least Favourite Foods – Rice, Eggs (I actually like them but I feel v sick when I eat them), Roast Chicken
Favourite Games – Board Game: Monopoly
Computer Game: Candy Crush or Flappy Dunk
Favourite Books – ‘One’ and ‘The Weight of Water’ by Sarah Crossan
HP or Twilight? HP by a small bit
Laurel or Yanny? Laurel obvs
Favourite TV show – The Simpsons
Favourite Holiday Destination – Skegness
What I’m good at – Flute, Writing, Math, Languages, Computing
What I suck at – Being mentally stable, Sports, Biology
What I want to be when I grow up – A graphic coder or author
A place I want to visit – Germany
Weird Morning ritual I have – Doing dumb beauty guru poses in the mirror when I do my makeup
Favourite drink – Milk
Favourite sport – Rounders (basically a British version of baseball), I also like watching swimming, diving and gymnastics

Hopefully that gave y’all an insight as to who I am 😀


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂



42 thoughts on “❀About me❀”

  1. That’s right.

    Beijing – 45 points
    Brussels – 69 points

    The lowest score is Islamabad (Pakistan) – 3 points, and La Paz (Bolivia) – 4 points.

    Next round:



  2. Europa – 38

    Thalassa is a POINTLESS ANSWER! Congrats!

    So the final is 71 for LALSA, and 45 for Bloggerofthebloggish! Good job everybody!


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