Ma Gradez 2.0

Ok, so if you have seen Ma Gradez, you know that I literally don’t care if people know my grades so here are my grades from this term/year 😀 (It’s an end of year report) So the way my school grades, there are 2 parts to each grade: effort and attainment Effort is measured like […]

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Social Anxiety Tings

Ok, so most of you probably know that I have generalised anxiety disorder (apparently that’s what it’s called) and I’m in therapy (woo) but I haven’t necessarily been diagnosed with social anxiety. I feel like I do have it though because I have a bunch of symptoms and I have anxiety so maybe I do? […]

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The Note (& other stuff)

I really need to get this off my chest, so sorry if this offends you but my mental health has been really bad and I’m literally about to collapse and cry from all the stuff going on, so if this concerns you then please don’t read on please. The Note Ok so in England we […]

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Random Thoughts

Idk what this post even is :DDDDD I’ve become a true emo oh lord help me. I’m going to a PANIC! concert in August so I WILL POST PICS because it will be lit 🙂 (It’s also 3 days after the 4 year anniversary 😀 ) I also wanted to talk about this Stephen King […]

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13th Birthday Haul 2018!

I turned 13 on April 4, woop! I know it’s been forever but tbh I haven’t had the time/effort to do this and also I have my grade 4 flute on Tuesday help I wanna die because if I don’t do my exam now then I have to learn a whole new syllabus (it expires […]

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Caboodle of nonsense

Ok so i kinda have a lot to say, so let me just do bullet points bc that will be easy I’m listening to Helena by mcr and its SO FRIKIN SAD i want to cry because the last words they sang on their last tour was ‘so long and goodnight’ FROM HELENA and its […]

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Self Harm Talk

Ok, so before we get this out of the way, yes I do self harm. Don’t judge me; my worst fear (believe it or not coming from the person with an anxiety disorder) is being judged so please don’t judge me I know of my stability issues. First of all, am I the only one […]

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I am depressed lololololol

Well isnt that great Not to mention my bday is literally in a week As in this time next week i will be 13 Isnt that great Also I had a fight with my dad He said im the most self centred Pathetic Uptight person hes ever met Not to mention I have contemplated suicide […]

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How fun is it to feel jealous of your best friends two weeks before your birthday? I know right Riveting Ok, so today 2 of my best friends got big awards (like BIG awards), and one of those two friends has 3 of said award. 2 of my other friends are like me and are […]

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I’m CoOl

I literally just wanted a random title lmao This post will be a mess but y’know it’s fine Sorry for not posting I’ve been writing like every day Here are some of my stories (I know they’re really bad but its ok) I was so immersed in my emailing, I barely even flinched when I […]

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Everyone should read this

Depression isn’t ‘trendy’ Depression isn’t your bf/gf cradling you telling you it will be fine Depression is people demeaning your self harm when you have a ‘perfectly good life’ Depression can come at any time, and to any level Not every depressed person self harms or stays in bed every day Not every depressed person […]

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Ok, so I’m staying home from school because I died while trying to get up early, and my mom was like ‘stay in bed i will call school’ tbh i didn’t want to stay home for these reasons: Tutor reviews (I kinda wanted to do it no lie) We’re doing Cooper’s Run in PE (i.e. […]



Ok so i have like 10 mins so let me talk about tutor reviews, or as I call them, DEATH Basically, you have a 5-10 min chat with your form tutor about progress and *cheesy smile* WELLBEING My wellbeing is, well, if you look at my arm, you will see it all I CUT OK […]

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Literally a ton of things have been crushing me lately but I cannot say what those things are because 1) its really gross if i tell and 2) ive sworn to secrecy about another thing When i try to talk about it people steer to a different topic I try to talk to my friends […]

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Random Thoughts

This is a random post (wow really) bc I’m bored and listening to really hyping music so let me release my 2018 thoughts Every time I see a bid about Logan Paul I get depressed because I want this to be over It’s my best friend’s bday in 19 days lets say happy bday in […]

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Snapchat emoji code

Ok so this is mainly for personal use (for me haha) because I have snapchat and I always find myself googling what all the emojis mean so I figured I could just make a list on here and maybe help other people with snapchat 🙂 (btw this is done on my phone so the emojis […]

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YAY heres to a good 2018 Happy new year May it be a great one ❤️ (Btw if this is early in the US its actualy around 12:30 in england so) HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLFRIENDS


What I got for Xmas 2017

I could do a youtube video about this, but I’m lazy and would rather type than edit. When I watched ‘what I got for xmas’ videos on youtube, I was baf fled at how little they got compared to me. So, let me take this opportunity to implicitly brag about how much stuff I got. […]

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I miss 2015 where everyone was still on their blogs I miss talking to my online peeps I miss being one of the only people left I miss it 😦

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The Sanctuary

Ok, so I’ve really been itching to write lately, so here is me writing about how literally NO ROOM in the house is free because we have 3493844 people in it (ok just 5, but that’s 2 more than usual) Let me go through all the rooms in the house, and list their opening hours […]

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I’m a Satanist

Yes, you read that right. I am now a satanist. I drew a pentagram on the back of my hand with a red sharpie 2 hours ago; that counts as entrance to the satanic temple to me. Basically, I have been considering joining for months, but because of my STRONGLY ATHEIST dad, I am not […]

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Ma Gradez

Ok, so first of all, I’m really sorry for not posting; school has literally been crushing me and literally I have ZERO free time, and I have been doing lots of writing so I haven’t really had time to come back here. Anyway, on Friday, we had a half day (on the last day before […]

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Hey peeps

I promise im not dead, school has just been really hard and im also prepping for my flute exam in January, so I promise im not dead just lots of stuff is happening I felt guilty for not posting so…. I may not post a lot until i get less homework so yeah im alive […]

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Ok, so at school (a couple of weeks ago we’re on half term right now), I literally had one of the most embarrassing days of that school year. Before we start, I just wanted to call out everyone mentioned in this story, but I am probably having a mood swing (or had just read some […]

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Should I change my theme?

Ok here is a survey just vote because I’m too lazy to type anything (I just posted a really long one so) and I’ll close them on Friday (8th) so vote plz!! The survey will close at 11:45PM (September 8th) England time so you have plenty of time to vote!! Chaio! (Sorry this was a […]

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The poll is closed!!

Ok so basically I meant to do this yesterday but it was first day of school, homework, heavy books etc. So I decided to do it today, so I’m not going to be changing the results (eg If you vote for like weekly posts AFTER this post is up then it doesn’t count) but I’m […]

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Reacting to my drafts!!

  Ok yes I know this post is a bit random but I was trying to think of what to post and I looked in my drafts and I have 13 DRAFTS. WTF. So I thought it would be funny to post them and my written reaction (my reactions will be in bold and will be […]

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*Haru/Winter if u r reading this I AM SORRY FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME* Ok so I had the weirdest dream last night lol (bear in mind I’ve never seen Harus face so if in my dream u look completely different I apologize) Ok so I was in this some kind of elegant banqueting […]


Matlock bath (part 5000)

Idk how many of these I’ve done but I haven’t done one of these in a long time so… (and to satisfy all of you, the person with me in the pics is my best friend who I went with and she gave permission for me to show her face in the pics but she […]

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(Officially) 3 YEARS

3 YEARS OMG THANK YOU!!! Its been 3 years yesterday (also the day of the eclipse that I DID NOT SEE) that BLOGGING STARTED OMG I’m not going to put a long memorial post or anything because I am writing a long post straight after this one but just look up my 3 year post […]

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Ok so this morning I was on snapchat and I came across one of the stories that said ‘blueberry’. I didn’t exactly think much of it like ok maybe it’s an in joke or something to do with love island (a show that everyone except me watches) or whatever. Then I saw ‘strawberry’ and another […]



Idk if anyone here has heard of this, but in my neighbourhood there are like 2 schools, so people from my school follow people from other schools our age. Literally everyone is using Sarahah, where you could leave anonymous feedback and yeah…I have an anxiety disorder I'm an introvert so I decided no. BUT SILLY […]

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I think I hit a new low

Ok so if you know me you know I have like 3 friends. I am an INTROVERT with ANXIETY and VISCULAR HYPERSENSITIVITY (ok didn't need to add that last part but whatever) For the past 3 weeks I have done nothing but sit on my butt and binge-watched dance moms all day. Sounds fun right?' […]

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Ok so I had this freaky dream and I'm gonna tell u about it bc I couldn't sleep for like 2 hours after this Basically my class was going on a plane somewhere and intu Derby was the airport. A girl in my class had a disabled brother who lived in a car and he […]



Just saying if you see a post that says goodbye it’s because I’m trying to read it but I binned it so I had to restore is so yeah I’m not emo anymore 

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A 3 year reflection

It’s 11:00pm and I’m hungry af but I don’t care because I’m probably not going to get any sleep tonight…HERE WE GO WITH THIS POST WOO Ok so if you guys know I started blogging in August of 2014, and my little 9-year old self had NO IDEA what blogging actually was and yeah. Here […]

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