Caboodle of nonsense

Ok so i kinda have a lot to say, so let me just do bullet points bc that will be easy

  • I’m listening to Helena by mcr and its SO FRIKIN SAD i want to cry because the last words they sang on their last tour was ‘so long and goodnight’ FROM HELENA and its a sad tone and i just want to cry tbh
  • Im a teenager now woop and i spent my first week of teenhood crying and pleading to candy crush (im so mentally stable i know right hahahhahaha)
  • IM GETTING COUNSELLING!! My appt is the 24th so i can cuss at yet another person who doesn’t care about how i feel and is only in it for the money
  • We have to write and learn monologues in drama. And perform them IN FRONT OF THE CLASS and i literally want to cry bc i will just shake throughout the whole thing yay so im just going to improv bc i cant be bothered to learn a 3 min monologue off by heart unless its something interesting. If i throw a couple of big words in maybe it will turn out well
  • PRAY FOR THE WICKED IS COMING OUT IN JUNE ASDFGHJKL I CANNOT AAHHHH if u dont know what that is then please leave byeye
  • Ok so i have a story about my grandma (who i have a VERY STRONG unjustified hate for) so basically my mom, her and me went to a cafe for lunch and my mental health ditched me that day (not to mention i was on my period so ye) and i was just a mess. I was getting really nad at like everything and my mom yelled at me and ye. When we got there, i was rly quiet and was pretty much about to cry. My mom kept asking what was wrong (like u dont know already) and i showed her a sad thing i was looking at. She disregardedly tossed my phone back at me in a huff. I started to listen to patd or mcr or top (i forgot which it was probs mcr) and she took me into a random exit thing in the cafe (like an unused room) and i proceeded to have an anxiety attack to which i got a ‘calm down’ BUT NO THATS NOT F*CKING EASY but whenever i compare anxiety to like ANYTHING my opinion is disregarded bc they arent the same things. Reason 1022918 my mental health is a mess. THEN MY GRANDMA KEPT ASKING WHAT HAPPENED OMFG I WANT TO SLAP HER AAAAHHGGH LIKE ITS NOT YOUR F*CKING BUISINESS GO AWAY (i actually screamed that in her face when i had a different anxiety attack and damn it felt good)

Anyways gtg its like midnight and i cant sleep and schl is like in 2 dayss


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Its 3 days until my bday





I cannot even put into words




all of this sh*t is


Its SKIN people


I dont walk down the street and take peoples skin colour into account

Because I D O N T C A R E

like i dont even blink if someone of a different race is talking to me

All i care about is sustaining a convo well







Its like saying ‘i dont like green so im going to burn all the plants and green vegetables i see’



Find a hobby

Because doing this is a sad way to live

Theres a ceramic studio in york

Go there

Paint a bowl

So muslims can have peace of mind from jerks like you


Just go find a ditch

And sit in it

And contemplate your choices

Notice im not saying kys

Because even though i know this is wrong

People dont deserve to die

For participating in this day

The way i see it

U need karma

If you do something bad (e.g. blow up a mosque), then you should have your house blown up

To see what its like

Not only would it show you what consequences are

It also gives you moral guidelines (hopefully)

So if someone does something bad, but doesnt kill anyone, they dont deserve to die

Because thats not fair

They deserve punishment, yes, but not death

For example

Lets say someone commits a domestic violence attack

Value of attack – 50 (im using this as an example)

Value of equal punishment – 50


Value of punishment and death – 75

That doesnt add up


Unless its a homocide

  • People dont deserve to die

Thank you for reading

My long rant about this

And hopefully

You can see my justification

And support my points


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Self Harm Talk

Ok, so before we get this out of the way, yes I do self harm. Don’t judge me; my worst fear (believe it or not coming from the person with an anxiety disorder) is being judged so please don’t judge me I know of my stability issues.

First of all, am I the only one who thinks that when I self harm, it is completely rational and a plea for help, then I look back after and think what an idiot I was. That happened to me today if y’all didn’t know

Yes, I self harmed over *homework*. I know, but let me explain my outright pettiness

In my school, we have “guidelines” (for me – RULES YOU MUST LIVE BY) of how long our homework is meant to take. For math, it’s 40 minutes, and I stick by that rule strictly.

Well, my homework ended up taking me about an hour.

Cue my mental breakdown and relentless sobbing for another hour while my parents scream at me.

Cue my 10-15 cuts on my arm.

Basically, I’m a very petty person at home, but at school I have the stability of *insert rock-like metaphor here*. I have self harmed 4 times since September, all about really dumb petty stuff. Because I have GOOD mental health.

So obviously my form tutors know about this (I told my best friend lmao) and she told my tutors

And we have tutor review day on Tuesday, where we basically come out of classes and talk to our tutors about our progress.

For me, talking about my *nonexistent* social life and my *nonexistent* mental stability


Anyways gtg


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

*PS: my posts will get more positive i just need to vent a little here*

I am depressed lololololol

Well isnt that great

Not to mention my bday is literally in a week

As in this time next week i will be 13

Isnt that great


I had a fight with my dad

He said im the most self centred


Uptight person hes ever met

Not to mention

I have contemplated suicide 100s of times

Whenever im near a train platform

I think about jumping onto the track and killing myself

I think about stabbing myself

So yeah

Im having my pre birthday depression again


I love myself



How fun is it to feel jealous of your best friends two weeks before your birthday?

I know right


Ok, so today 2 of my best friends got big awards (like BIG awards), and one of those two friends has 3 of said award.

2 of my other friends are like me and are getting support in school, like one of them made a ‘calm down box’ with the pshe teacher

And I’m sitting in bed at 9pm bawling my eyes out


Because i never got that big award, and i don’t get support

When i cut (yes i do ok) my parents and teachers say its silly

I consistently achieve high marks but there’s always someone getting better awards than me

I sit here, waiting for someone to acknowledge the fact that I’m partly broken

So I’m just loving my school at the moment. I don’t want to be jealous because they’re my best friends and i’ll make them feel bad for being jealous

Even though i havent cut for like a month (which is good for me) i still sit up at night and cry my eyes out

People say its because im tired

I quit

I’m CoOl

I literally just wanted a random title lmao

This post will be a mess but y’know it’s fine

Sorry for not posting I’ve been writing like every day

Here are some of my stories (I know they’re really bad but its ok)

I was so immersed in my emailing, I barely even flinched when I heard Frank storm in and throw his name card on the table.

‘Give me another kid or I quit!’

I looked up in despair. ‘Please, Frank. Everyone else quit. You’re the only one left, the scariest, the biggest. What did they do to you to make you quit?’

Frank shuddered and backed away. ‘You don’t want her. She’s worse than us’.

I chuckled. ‘That wouldn’t happen’, to which Frank nodded vigorously. ‘If I didn’t quit, I could have handled her. Hachishakusama has nightmares for a month after she quit! She’s the monster, Krampus! She’ll smother you!’

I turned back to my computer, determination drowning me in emotion. ‘I’ll assign myself, anyway’.

Frank shrugged. ‘Fine, but don’t blame me when you scream at two AM’.

That night, I went to the ‘bedtime centre’ – basically the place where we get transported to the beds of the kids we haunt. I stood in my cell, and everyone stared at me and backed away. I looked at them, nodded, and deployed myself.

I arrive in a pitch-black room, lit scarcely by two glowing eyes. They were blood red, and they belonged to a small girl, no older than eight. She had ice-blonde hair and was sitting cross-legged on a perfectly made bed. Her eyes followed me as I moved under the bed. She didn’t move, yet she was watching every movement I made.

Once I got under the bed, I saw her lean down and look at me with her glowing eyes. She didn’t blink, she didn’t flinch, and she didn’t talk. I made my usual scary noises and movements, to which I had no reaction. I heard two muffled voices come from another room.

‘It’s so sad walking past her room’. A woman started bawling, to which a man was comforting her.

‘Mom, it was for the best. She had no quality of life. She didn’t walk, talk, nothing. As far as I know, she didn’t even know what was going on’.

The woman sniffed ‘She’s still my girl. No amount of pain can compare walking past her empty room that housed so much personality’.

The girl scuttled to the wall and started hissing. I looked at the bed. It looked like a little girl’s room; the duvet was adorned with lollipops and candy designs, and the walls were painted a cotton-candy pink. I heard the man’s voice again.

‘Hello? Yeah, she died. Two months ago. She didn’t walk, move unassisted, she didn’t talk and only made a whimper as a ‘hey, something’s wrong’ signal. She had no awareness. She always stared at the ceiling, so it was probably better that she escaped the pain of everything that happened to her. I know, Mom’s bawling her eyes out. Ok. Talk to ya later, bye’

I stood up, and looked at the girl, who was relentlessly hissing at the wall. My mind was tripping over itself; what was I to do? Us monsters aren’t meant to be caring and ask about personal life, but then again, we don’t hide under the beds of dead children.

‘Hey, are you OK?’ I asked, a hint of nervousness embedded into my voice. The girl whipped her head towards me and a smirk took over her face. ‘Why are you nervous, Krampus?’ I was immediately taken aback. For someone who apparently had no awareness, she certainly was cultured in her monsterology. And her sense of finding fear. That was, um, unique. I looked at her and cocked my head to the side. ‘Why are you hissing?’ I immediately condemned myself for asking such a commonplace, caring question. Anger drenched the girl’s face in emotion ‘They didn’t know’, she muttered. ‘They didn’t know what happened. And now they shall burn’. Sadisity crept over her mouth. I was compelled to ask her what happened, yet I knew she was truly the monster. Nevertheless, I asked her what happened. She lurched towards me and spoke in the most haunting of whispers which made my whole body become immersed in goosebumps.

‘I was put in a coma for 2 years. I was aware in those two years. I was always aware. I could walk and talk. They just never taught me. They thought I was a vegetable. Now they shall be convinced of my capacity’. She bolted out of the room and came back with a box of matches. She looked at the wall with an evil grin plastered over her face, moving the match slowly towards the wall. Impulsively, I asked her

‘Hey, instead of burning your house down, why don’t you become a monster and have the ability to haunt your family, even people you’ve never met before. You’ll earn a reputation and capacity’.

The girl’s face lit up. ‘I’m already a monster, but I guess I can’t pass up an opportunity to use these talents’.

She’s now known as your brain.

The brain hungry for capacity and sadisity.

The brain that makes you stay under your covers at night, even though there’s no monsters.

None except you.

You filthy little bastard.


“You have always been a strange person. I knew you since birth. You have always been peculiar. I took pity on you, and decided I should be the one to, maybe I shouldn’t go into detail about that. You were always a very awkward person, shying away from conversations and keeping your friends close-knit. You were defying every academic odd. You won every competition you took part in, regardless of what it was, sport, spelling etc. Everyone always considered you a freak. I remember you crying excessively one day, and I was trying to calm you. Of course, you don’t listen to me. You wouldn’t listen to what I have to say. You only want me when you need me. You manipulator.

Moving on to that day. That one day. We were standing outside your house. The one where you were abused and molested. You held a carton of gasoline in one hand, and a lighter in the other. You stood grimly facing the house.

“Let’s do this”

I didn’t say anything. You lit the lighter and continued to dose the house in gas, while I floated calmly and watched. You had the most sadistic, maniacal laugh in your voice. Until the house started burning. You fell silent and sat mesmerized at the building engulfing itself in flames. You laughed. You rambled on about power. I didn’t listen; I was too busy wondering if your organs were working.

When the house was finally burnt, you walked over to two skeletons lying aimlessly on the floor, and you proceeded to tear the bones off, one by one, and fling them into the mental institution nearby while yelling ‘And stay out!’, all while possessing an evil grin no human could ever have.”


“Damn…did I really do that?”


“I am your conscience. I was there, dumbass”


I sat on the cold chair, paralysed with fear. The room was shrouded in white. Nothing there. Just a void of colourless mass. Or colourful, if we’re turning into physicians. He was standing before me, his gaze penetrating my soul, cutting deeper as the seconds trundled by. I looked at him, my eyes intently following his slow paces as my fears continued to consume me. I felt every emotion lunge at me, screaming in desperation for me to let them out. But I didn’t. I continued to remain in the cold, hard chair, whilst my emotions decided to plot against me. Oblivious to my internal rebellion, he stopped his pacing and approached me, his firm stare stabbing me with panic. I gulped and prayed to every god I could think of, while he started to speak.

‘You have no idea who I am, do you?’

His voice dripped with seething rage, and I tried to compose my thoughts to the point where I could utter a sentence that was recognisable. I sweated and shook my head in terror. He gave a sly smirk and chuckled to himself, but I could tell that chuckle was more than a simple expression of pleasantness. That chuckle was the kind of chuckle that could break a country in a second, the chuckle that could rid the world of everything. That was power etched over a sly mask. I trembled as he turned away, facing the white void. The cogs in his malicious brain were turning, as he pondered the unthinkable. My brain started to implode from the pressure, and I did everything in my power to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks in panic. Eventually, after a self-imposed eternity, he looked back at me with a sly grin plastered over his vindictive face.

‘Do you want me to tell you?’

The speech was so articulately pronounced, its sharpness could kill a man. It was cold, bland, yet it dripped with expression. If expression means the intent on destroying the planet, then his voice was filled with expression. Wounding, yes, but still expression. I nodded vigorously, and he chuckled again, every sound particle burning my skin with terror and rebelliousness. He walked away, to the wall, and pondered again. I felt mounds of detest build up in me; yet I knew that if I did anything outside of his boundaries, I would be smothered to pieces. When he turned back to me, I had a sudden realisation, epiphany, whatever. I knew him. Who is he? Every muscle in my body tensed as he opened his mouth.

‘I am your brain; I am spiteful, hostile, intolerable. I inflict fear, I know you did not want to do this. I am overpowering, and I will always get my way’

As soon as he said that, I saw his eyes fill with hate and I saw insanity and power drench him to the point where he was worthless. He looked at me, vengeful. His eyes were filled with hatred and paralysed me, yet again.

‘I will do this until you’re dead, Mr Manson. Now go, off to your jail cell. Just remember, the body may be incarcerated, but the mind will always be free’.

I felt my body become overwhelmed with rage, and I trundled out of the void.

I opened my eyes, to see the blood of my cellmates smothered over the walls.

I banged my body against the door until it snapped and shattered to pieces.

Armed with a knife, I bolted around the prison, not being content until every human in this building was slaughtered.

Because that’s what Mr Brain told me to do.

And by slaughtering every human in this building, I must start with the person reading this tattered scripture standing in my blood-filled cell.

Say bye-bye.


Yes, I know those stories are terrible but when you’re listening to fast-hyped music you literally don’t care.

Also, we had 2 snow days in a row (this one is the second)

That’s unheard of because I NEVER had a snow day so it feels really weird

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my cringy stories


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Everyone should read this

Depression isn’t ‘trendy’

Depression isn’t your bf/gf cradling you telling you it will be fine

Depression is people demeaning your self harm when you have a ‘perfectly good life’

Depression can come at any time, and to any level

Not every depressed person self harms or stays in bed every day

Not every depressed person continues with their life

Anxiety isn’t ‘trendy’

Anxiety isn’t all panic attacks

Anxiety isn’t always about all the common fears

Anxiety isn’t always severe

Depression isn’t always severe

Self-harm isn’t always severe; its not always when your arms are covered in cuts

Everyone who is depressed and anxious needs support

People shouldn’t demean their mental health just because there are no cuts or scars

People shouldn’t demean their mental health because there are cuts and scars

But remember

Life may not be for everyone

Just don’t make that desicion when you’re not in the right mindset

Everyone deserves support

Everyone deserves to be narcissistic

Everyone deserves someone to talk unexpectedly nice about them

Nobody deserves to feel they don’t have ‘proper’ depression/anxiety etc

All depression and anxiety is still depression and anxiety

Everyone deserves to be validated

Everyone deserves unexpected inclusion

Everyone deserves better

Everyone deserves help

Nobody deserves to be ignored by the persn they opened up their life to

Because that takes courage

If someone needs help

Dont make them talk about it

That is one of the hardest things to do

Encourage, don’t enforce

Whoever’s reading this

Stay alive

If not for anyone, for me 🙂


Ok, so I’m staying home from school because I died while trying to get up early, and my mom was like ‘stay in bed i will call school’

tbh i didn’t want to stay home for these reasons:

  • Tutor reviews (I kinda wanted to do it no lie)
  • We’re doing Cooper’s Run in PE (i.e. where you run around the sports hall for 12 mins while listening to music) and I like cooper’s run despite my terribleness at it
  • We’re having my favourite at lunch at school which we literally have once a year so I kinda wanted that but hopefully there will be leftovers tomorrow
  • I’m missing a music test (I like tests so yeaa)
  • I cannot meme in english (basically me and a girl in my class sat at the back and drew memes for half an hour and trying not to die) and we have double english today
  • I can’t do any of my homework assigned today because all my books are in my locker :/

I’m just thanking god my house music audition isn’t today (we’re having them today and tomorrow) because there are 12 categories and I’m in category 11 so that means i can do it tomorrow 😀

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go through my wordpress pics and find some old ones (i’ve beemn doing this since 2014 so chances are there will be some embarrassing ones)


LMAO RIP ME (i took this with my back camera and i think i was sick or something because my hair isnt brushed and im in my pjs in the middle of the day sooo)

Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie

Photobooth pride lmfao


THIS IS fam time lmao our hotel room was being cleaned so enjoy this cringe af pic of my and my dad 🙂


CRINGE OOF and pls ask why tf i am lying on DIRTY NATURE FLOOR with nice clothes on please help me and my mental issues

This is actually a recent picture of me and my ugly mug (peep my stuffed bunny in the corner lol)




TBT to when i was a ghost lmfaooo


poser skillz


I hate smiling for pictures


tb to when i convinced myself i had art skills


yes i did not know adding text to headers were things so i DREW out the text omfg


Anyways that is me embarrassing myself.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Ok so i have like 10 mins so let me talk about tutor reviews, or as I call them, DEATH

Basically, you have a 5-10 min chat with your form tutor about progress and *cheesy smile* WELLBEING

My wellbeing is, well, if you look at my arm, you will see it all


And she knows that, so cue my 5 mins of HELL as she tries to prod at me

Don’t get me wrong, i talk to people about this stuff (normally oops) but NOT HER


what who said that

Im petty af but anywayy

ugh i am literally going to die tomorrow

Not to mention 2027291038 rehearsals on wednesday, and PE, and cooking, and house music

And house dance on friday, which i DESPIse

And i literally made a death trap for myself

How is your wellbeing?

Needing improvement


Pls kill me so i dont have to do this

Im just praying i can keep my blazer on so she wont see my arm and wont ask

But idk what to do if she does

Because i cannot lie, like I literally cannot

I am a terrible liar, and over something like this its just a formula for my early death



if u dont like him thats ur business, just dont slam me about it

I have enough on my arm mind


~bloggerofthebloggish :/


Literally a ton of things have been crushing me lately but I cannot say what those things are because 1) its really gross if i tell and 2) ive sworn to secrecy about another thing

When i try to talk about it people steer to a different topic

I try to talk to my friends about it (they were involved) but they say i shouldnt

I dont want to be a victim here

I know from today that my friends literally feel useless when i crumble infront of them

I feel bad because i didnt help the main person affected but they did so much for me

I didnt know what to do

Ive never seen something like this happen

I was thinking about it since it happened

I tried to talk to the person affected but they didnt reply

I feel useless

I dont want to show this to my friends because it isnt their job to solve my problems

Other people in the friend group have bigger problems than me

I dont want to show this to my parents because they will say Im being the victim

My parents will disregard this as being hormones

My friends will feel another burden

I cant talk about it on this blog

Time for another sleepless night about something everyone else forgot about

Time for another two hours up crying because nobody replies to me/cares

Time for another anxiety attack about not being asleep by a certain time

Time for me to feel even more worthless tomorrow because none of this even matters

Time for me to feel awkward whenever I go and talk to this person knowing I owe them millions

Time for me to be a useless go-lucky person that is no help at all in a crisis

Time for me to be that one friend who is always the victim

Time for me to get criticized by my parents for being the victim


Random Thoughts

This is a random post (wow really) bc I’m bored and listening to really hyping music so let me release my 2018 thoughts

  • Every time I see a bid about Logan Paul I get depressed because I want this to be over
  • It’s my best friend’s bday in 19 days lets say happy bday in the comments lol
  • Blogging is very morbid (the longest blog post was like 274,000 characters because the person writing it died on the keyboard)
  • I’m listening to a song about gasoline
  • That song is in spanish
  • I have random fantasies about youtubers
  • I stopped playing PGO
  • 2017 was my year
  • Lava lamps are hot
  • idk
  • I want to buy some felt pens that are expensive just so i can take a tumblr pic about stationery
  • I own an ouija board it doesn’t work lol (nothing happens when I use it lololol)
  • I am tired
  • RIP my sleep schedule (I went to bed at midnight from dec. 30-jan 3 and then had to wake up at 6:30 on thursday and friday and last night I also went to bed at midnight)
  • Colouring irl stresses me out
  • I have 20 highlighters from the same brand
  • I have 30 more highlighters as well
  • I only use 1 colour highlighter
  • I have enough stationery to open a WHSmiths (a big uk stationery store)

Hope y’all enjoyed my ramblings (sos I’m so tired lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Because everyone wants to see this 😏

Ok so if you haven’t seen the first 10 weird things I did when I was little, then go look (i have 2 parts so read both ok thanks) but nothing in that is really crucial to this post, but before we start let me just talk about the Logan Paul dead body in Japan (if you dk what Im talking about just google it)

This may be biased because I am a fan of Logan, but I honestly don’t blame him for vlogging it because tbh if I was him I would have done the same thing; I would have taken pics and put them on Snapchat and Insta because its unusual and I would want to show everyone. Also, Logan did call the police and he uploaded a very long apology to both youtube and twitter. I know what it is like to be at the centre of controversy (obviously I dont have 15 million subscribers but still) and I would have done exactly what Logan did. The video itself, I don’t know if Logan deleted it or if youtube deleted it, but remember Logan is a human too and he doesn’t need the whole internet slamming him especially after he apologised. This was probably biased because I’m a surefire logangster but I do not understand why people are still slamming down on him because he apologised and the video was deleted, so do what someone would do irl and start from a clean slate.

There is a very small chance (if any lol) Logan read this but ye that’s my opinion

**DISCLAIMER this is my website so I can post my opinions here and Im asking not to bring this up if you know me irl so just keep this stuff online thank u :)**

Moving on to the actual post 😀

(For reference:

Year 3 – Age 7-8

Year 4 – Age 8-9

Year 5 – Age 9-10)

1) When I wanted my Lumia (I have a post about when I got it lol), I made a ‘phone tracker’ aka a piece of paper and whenever I got some money I would write how much I had and how far away from my Lumia I was, and I also put in the phone model, colour, price etc

2) When I first saw someone with dwarfism (idk why I am talking about this but I’m really tired but not tired enough to sleep) I thought I was dreaming

3) I would never brush my hair I would just tie it up in a low pony when my parents weren’t looking

4) I used to walk around IN PUBLIC with a 12″ tablet (before phablets were cool) and I vividly remember going to an Iceland (a frozen food store in England) writing a post called ‘Assumptions aren’t always right’

5) I used to read all the gossip magazines about death and rape when I wasn’t even 10 omg help me

6) I was very emotionally unstable (I still am but we are not going to talk about that 😂)

7) I used to walk to school with my Mom with over-the-ear headphones with an MP3 PLAYER HAHA

8) I got a pair of cheap headphones in year 3 and thought it was an MP3 player

9) In kindergarten (ages 4-7) my mom would go real close to my classroom window and wave at me (the same thing happened in year 4 too but we were on the higher floor so my dad would wave from the playground)

10) I thought flip phones were the bomb and would fight my mom over hers

So those are 10 more weird things I did when I was little

Let me know if u want more because BOI I HAVE PLENTY MORE KID STORIES


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Snapchat emoji code

Ok so this is mainly for personal use (for me haha) because I have snapchat and I always find myself googling what all the emojis mean so I figured I could just make a list on here and maybe help other people with snapchat 🙂 (btw this is done on my phone so the emojis may be weird because i have an iphone

💕 – You have been #1 best friends with this person for over 2 months

❤️ – You have been #1 best friends with this person for over 2 weeks

💛 – You are #1 best friends with this person (you send the most snaps to them and vice versa)

😊 – You are best friends with this person, but not #1 best friends

😏 – You are this person’s best friend but they are not yours

😎 – You and this person have a best friend in common

😬 – You and this person have a #1 best friend in common

Your snapstreak is running out

🔥 – You have a snapstreak with this person (there is also a number next to the fire with the amount of days)

💯 – You have a 100 day snapstreak with this person

👶 – You and this person just became friends

🎂 – It is this person’s birthday

🌟 – One of this person’s snaps has been replayed in the last 24 hours

Enjoy my friends


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

40 facts about me/Old forum posts

Ok so I tried to do a 50 facts but that kinda flopped, so here are 40 FACTS because I just wanted to be entertaining for once

  1. My real name is Samantha Nolastnamegiven
  2. I have shoulder – length chestnut brown hair
  3. I have hazel eyes (which is annoying when I do quizzes involving my eye colour)
  4. I wear glasses
  5. I am very tall for my age (and just in general)
  6. I live in England
  7. I either wear pale pink or white tops
  8. I either wear sweatpants or leggings
  9. My favourite colour is yellow, but my room is blue (I like blue too don’t worry)
  10. I am introverted
  11. I don’t have many friends (wow really I didn’t know that)
  12. I’ve been bullied for my blog
  13. I love Pusheen
  14. I love makeup
  15. I favor cats over dogs
  16. I go to private school
  17. I’m American and Russian
  18. I’m a nerd
  19. I have anxiety
  20. My favourite song is Chandelier by Sia
  21. I’m the tallest and youngest in my friend group :/
  22. My birthday is April 4
  23. I was born 1 day early
  24. I have been physically, emotionally and cyberbullied
  25. I have been suicidal
  26. I have self harmed
  27. I am constantly paranoid about being judged
  28. I suck at PE
  29. I am a STEM person
  30. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  31. My favorite subjects are IT (computing) and Spanish
  32. I love binge watching youtube
  33. I collect LAMY fountain pens
  34. I collect makeup
  35. My favourite youtubers are: Logan Paul, Jaidenanimations, theodd1sout, NiliPOD and Eve Bennett
  36. I once had stomach cramps so bad I was in hospital and stayed off school for 4 days
  37. 95% of my family doesn’t live in England
  38. I’ve been abroad twice: to the U.S. and France (I’ve mentioned France before on this blog)
  39. I think I’ve said this, but BLOGGISH was actually a forum only my parents could read
  40. My favorite food is salted popcorn

Ok, so that’s done. Let me refer to fact 39, and say that BLOGGISH used to be a private forum, and I have some really cringey posts from around April of 2014. As soon as I set this blog up, I stopped using my forum, but I managed to snatch all of my posts from there, so enjoy!


Welcome to my new blog! :)

There are some rules, so make sure you follow them, or I will BAN YOU! MWAHAHA! 8D

  1. No LINKS to any other sites such as Youtube or chat rooms.
  2. No SPAM is allowed. No chain letters. Delete them and let the admin know as soon as possible.
  3. No posting in the BLOG thread. Your post will be banned. Only post in “Comments”.
  4. No sharing PERSONAL DETAILS such as passwords, emails, phone numbers etc…
  5. Only post PHOTOS, VIDEOS, POSTS and QUOTES. Any other post will be deleted. HTML codes are NOT allowed.

If you have any questions, post them in the Questions thread in the COMMENTS board.


15 random things about myself

Hmm… that’s not easy, but I’ll give it a go.

1. I’m only 9 years old!
2. I’m CRAZY about butterflies and stationary.
3. I have eczema.
4. I freak out if I see any bugs (except ants).
5. My top 3 favourite colours are yellow, blue and purple.
6. I have no pets.
7. I hate sweets and ice cream.
8. My favourite book is the “Big Nate” collection.
9. My favourite subject is history.
10. I hate science, but I study the periodic table.
11. Next March will be my first residential trip… to Edale!
12. My favourite thing to do is make games.
13. I do loads of grown-up things.
14. My favourite movie is “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.
15. I only have 4 BFFs.

So… I hope you liked it! They are all true (well, not really. We are still thinking about no.11.) They might be a bit gross, but hey! They’re random! :)


Ballet-Grade 2!!*
Ya, I know, we are ALL crazy! But, I have a confession. DO NOT TELL ANYONE!!! x_x I actually set this up WITHOUT anyone knowing! SSH! :) Lolz! Sorry this one might be a bit short or long…

I have my Grade 2 ballet exam today. Me and my friend are the only people from my grade doing the exam. By the way, I don’t neccesarily go to a ballet SCHOOL, I have after-school classes. I’m in a ballet club, with about 10 other kids. There aren’t many of us. Anyhow, my teacher does work for a ballet school, so basicly I am part of a ballet school. I go to Tiptoe ballet school. But guess what, my exam is in ****** (I’m not allowed to say where it is bc it will show where I live) But, the good thing is we are taking the bus!! Woo-hoo! And, my BFF is going to be there as well! :D!! It is going to be ACE!! My parents have my permission to LOOK at my blog! Well, I’m sorry this post is short but I have LOADS of things to do…in less than 1/2 hour!! Laters! :)

*Keep on commenting!! :)

My party this Saturday! (And my secret Harry Potter trip!)

O.M.G!! I’m having a party this Saturday (just, you know… end of year?) Anyhow, I’m inviting 2 of my BFFs over. We’ll have a BLAST! (If I put my laptop away! :) )We wil also make CHOOLATE CAKE! (Drool…) Seriously, I LOVE chocolate cake! My exam was yesterday, but, you know how I’m blogging while it’s school time, well, I’m on SUMMER VACATION!! :D :D :D!! We had a half-day last Friday and we counted down the seconds until summer. (Mainly I’m glad to be out of Y4! I has the worst year ever! :( )
OMG! It was SO nice! (Ya, so what, I like putting smilies in!) This Thursday, we are going to the pool, but on the 26th August, we are going to (ready for it?)


Sorry. Just SOO excited! My classmates (who I barely ever get along with) will ENVY me for the rest of my life!! ;)

Must. Stop. Screaming.
Seriously, if i scream THIS loud, probably people n Austrailia will drop dead! I am SO excited!
Sorry. Gotta go! (*Munching on £20 note!*)
:) :) :)
Laters! ;)


My Year in Year 4-I’m INVISIBLE!!!

Oh my gosh. I will tell you the tale of me being INVISIBLE during a science lesson. I’ll tell you the bad bits, since it was BORING! Here we go… (this might be a bit long.)

It was 3:20 (ish). Me and my group were sticking photos in our science books. I had a picture without ME on it. How RUDE is that? >:D The boy sitting next to me had the ONLY photo with ME on it. The photo I had ALSO had him in it. I said to him “give it back!”
You know what he said?
A big, fat “NO”. UNBELIVEABLE! I started crying (I have never been good at socalizing, since I didn’t go to Pre-school). I started snatching the photo from him.
Now, will I ask for a show of hands?
I FINALLY managed to get it out of his hands. Now for Step 2. Telling the teacher. It turns out the teacher also hates me. He said “go stick the photo in your book”. How RUDE is that??! He didn’t even give me a chance to EXPLAIN!!! Then, he told us to tidy up. I started tidying the floor. He then told me “That’s for the cleaners. Go sit down”. That is WEIRD! Make up your mind, people. I was SO glad the day had ended! Luckily, my class teacher didn’t see me! (Phew!)

You won’t BELIVE how happy I am to get out of Y4! At least, in Year 5, I’ll have a teacher who LISTENS to me! Oh, god, I’m SO grateful for the holidays!
By the way, this wasn’t my WORST day in Year 4! I had worse… :(

Gotta go! :)
Stay tuned! :)


Random thoughts

I’m just planning ahead…for next march. We have our music competition next march. I’m thinking about doing a horrible histories song. I LOVE history. I don’t like singing, well I DO but I DON’T like being told what to sing and when to sing it. I don’t know what to do! HELP!! (*Bing!*) I’ll do a POLL! :)
Here we go! Enjoy! :)
(*Blog in new thread. Post will be copied.*)



Ok, NBC stands for National Bloggish Club. That’s right! I’m unleashing a BRAND NEW club!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGOMGOGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Below is a list of benefits you can get if you sign up!

  • Take part in AWESOME competitions! OMG!
  • Get your own bloggish mini blog! OMG!
  • Subscribe so you won’t miss A SINGLE POST! OMG!
  • Chat with other bloggish members (including me!) OMG!
  • …And many more! OMG!

To sign up, send me a private message! (And no, I DON’T have an email adress. duh) I know benefit 2 excited you the most. Ya, I’ll make a sepreate board and put your blogs in it. You need to join this forum to, like ACTUALLY sign up! You can sign up anytime, anyday!
Gotta go! :)
Laters! :)

(PS, Sorry this post was short! :))


Running for the space center

OMG! The Leicester space museum was THE BEST!! Me and my dad spent, like 4 WHOLE HOURS WITHOUT LEAVING! :) I want on this “simulator ride”. Have you ever ben on “mission to mars”? It’s in Epcot. The ride was kinda like that. I was really scared but it turned out to be REALLY COOL!!!
Then I saw my first 2 planetarium shows. The second one was basiclly a tour of the night sky but in the first one, we saw Jupiter’s moon, Uropa. Then I went in a tranquility base and OMG OMG OMG! One part was a moon walk. You lay down on this board and pushed with your feet. On a screen, there was this inage of you jumping on the moon. OMG OMG! Another part was where you had to maneuver a chair to catch these targets. I had NO CLUE how to move it, but my had pushed me around and I got 34000 points. Wow.

To be continued…


Running for the space center (part 2)

Ok, picking up from where we left off. There was a “baked bean” challenge. You would lift up all these baked bean cans. Boring! Here’s the twist: They have been weighed so when you picked it up, it would be the weight of a SINGLE BAKED BEAN from another planet. When I tried picking one up from the sun, I could BARELY MOVE it! We went upstairs and there was this water pressure challenge. You had to decide which rocket would best suit the astronamour. Then there was this HUGE shuttle that stretched all the way up the building (5 floors).

To be continued…


WordPress is calling my name…

Oh, how I want a blog SO BAD!!!!!!! >:D And when I say “blog”, I mean like a REAL blog. Not a proboards forum. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from the title, you know how I feel. I have read many blogs and I’m about to POP!! (And yes, I know internet safety rules. Seriously, do you think I’m BRAIN DEAD?!?!?!?!?!) Seriously, then I can get COOL COMMENTS! 8-) And take part in stuff such as “Not me! Monday”. I could also follow other blogs. (But NO, I WON’T be spending any money.) This is the LAST STRAW for me! I’ll list some reasons telling you why blogging is educational.

  • It develops writing skills, by expressing feelings and telling cool stories.
  • It develops social skills (which I DO NOT have). You can read other comments and think long and hard about them…
  • You can take part in cool blog hops, and follow other blogs,which you can compare to your blog.
  • Later, you can look back on old posts and remember those days.
  • And, as the author, you can delete comments that are rude, offensive or in any other ways, cyber-bullying.
  • You can keep your own online journal and use the latest tecnology.

So, I am DYING for a REAL blog that I can customize. I’m making a point and will hold up an argument.
Seriously, its like keeping a diary. What’s wrong with that?! :'( :'( :'( :( :( :(



If y’all wanna come see my “blog”, then head to
To log in:

Username: bloggerofthebloggish
Password: loomband85

(BTW, billybudapest is my mom lol)

There’s really cringey stuff there, including weird comments, so please check it out!!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

What I got for Xmas 2017

I could do a youtube video about this, but I’m lazy and would rather type than edit.

When I watched ‘what I got for xmas’ videos on youtube, I was baf

fled at how little they got compared to me.

So, let me take this opportunity to implicitly brag about how much stuff I got.

  1. A lava lamp
  2. A pink pedometer watch
  3. 2 coasters (one with a cat on and one with an S on, because my name starts with S)
  4. A shiny blue LAMY
  5. Bath & body works hand sanitizers (stress relief, focus, iced gingerbread, paris, a thousand wishes, warn vanilla sugar, vanilla buttercream, champagne sparkle – I got multiple of these because I run out quickly lol)
  6. Bath & body works bath wash (vanilla bean noel)
  7. Bath & body works body mists (a thousand wishes, pretty as a peach, warm vanilla sugar, endless weekend, moonlight bath, vanilla bean noel, hello beautiful, japanese cherry blossom, magic in the air)
  8. Here comes betty bath set (idk what this is but it smells good)
  9. My little pony surprise egg (I had an MLP phase a few years ago)
  10. Bakedin mug brownie mixes (aka the best brownies on the planet)
  11. A unicorn heat pack
  12. A webkinz pretty kitty (webkinz are basically pets you can play with online and have a plushie at the same time)
  13. Staedtler 6 neon fineliner pens
  14. Diary of a wimpy kid: the getaway
  15. Adultolescense
  16. 1,432 QI facts
  17. Voyage into space
  18. 365 historical stories
  19. Pusheen 2018 calendar
  20. Pusheen lilac cushion
  21. Pusheen PJ set
  22. Pusheen blind box plushie
  23. Teal duvet set
  24. Pusheen top
  25. Pusheen socks
  26. Pusheen bath set
  27. LUSH bathbombs
  28. Real techniques travel set
  29. Real techniques bold metals eyes and lips set
  30. Real techniques bold metals powder bush & contour brush
  31. Masqd 5 minute face brushes
  32. Urban decay NAKED 1, heat & smoky palettes
  33. Benefit hoola mini bronzer
  34. Apple music gift card
  35. Primark £25 gift card
  36. Boots £15 gift card

I think that’s it, but I’m probably forgetting stuff

Anyway, that’s the bulk of what I got for xmas 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


The Sanctuary

Ok, so I’ve really been itching to write lately, so here is me writing about how literally NO ROOM in the house is free because we have 3493844 people in it (ok just 5, but that’s 2 more than usual)

Let me go through all the rooms in the house, and list their opening hours (by that, I

mean when nobody’s in there)

Library (open 11am-1pm)
Office (never open)
Bathroom (open 11am-8pm excluding bathroom trips during the day, so just reduce that to about 1 hour of opening time because we have 5 people and 1 bathroom)
Kitchen (open 9:30am-11am)
Living room (open 7pm-8pm)

Parent’s room (open 10am-1am)
My room (always open)

I know I have a small house, I have been informed that.

Now let’s go through which rooms will have who in
(Btw, In my house there is me, my mom, my dad, my grandma and my mom’s best friend who we consider an aunt)

Library (Aunt, Mom, Grandma)
Office (Dad)
Bathroom (everyone at some point)
Kitchen (Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Dad)
Living room (Grandma, Aunt, Dad)

Parent’s room (Mom, Dad)
My room (Me, obvs)

So, now you can see the peril I am in, and to rub salt in the wound, let’s go through my average day and where I can go

9AM My room
10AM My parent’s room, Kitchen, My room
11AM Library, parent’s room, bathroom, My room
12noon Library, parent’s room, bathroom, My room
1PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
2PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
3PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
4PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
5PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
6PM Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
7PM Living room, Bathroom, My room, Parent’s room
8PM My room, Parent’s room
9PM My room (thats when I go to bed lol)

So, I proceed to spend my holiday cooped up in my room because that’s the only place I can consistently be without people trying to socialise

Imma end on another cheery note! 😀


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂



I’m a Satanist

Yes, you read that right. I am now a satanist. I drew a pentagram on the back of my hand with a red sharpie 2 hours ago; that counts as entrance to the satanic temple to me. Basically, I have been considering joining for months, but because of my STRONGLY ATHEIST dad, I am not one to join in religious debates, because I know the ugliness society whittles itself to when one of those blood baths is taking place.

The only problem is, I go to a very Christian private school (as in, we are forced to attend christian events to comply with our school’s ethos), and I think coming into school with a pentagram on my hand wouldn’t fly.


So, basically, here is Satanism in a nutshell.

  1. We don’t believe in the devil (that’s a christian concept)
  2. The word Satan is latin for opposition, so we basically protest liberty
  3. We don’t sacrifice or pray
  4. We have symbols (like pentagrams)
  5. I don’t think there are any initiation rituals for Satanism
  6. The ethos of Satanism are: do whatever you want, don’t hurt anyone or anything
  7. We don’t do 666 or 13
  8. We believe in science

That’s pretty much Satanism, so it’s like not having a religion, but labeling yourself as something cool just for the fun of it.

I think it’s gonna be pretty cool when I come to school with my pentagram and everyone FLIPS OUT and I just play it chill

You know what, since it’s me, I’ll probably have a panic attack and die

Ending on a cheery note, say hello to your new satanist friend!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Ma Gradez

Ok, so first of all, I’m really sorry for not posting; school has literally been crushing me and literally I have ZERO free time, and I have been doing lots of writing so I haven’t really had time to come back here.

Anyway, on Friday, we had a half day (on the last day before the Xmas holidays, and the last day before summer, we always have a half day), and when I got home, my report was here.


Actually, I was kinda excited (who am I kidding I was buzzing) because I consider myself a good student, and every parents’ evening, all my mom had to do was sit back while the teachers rambled on compliments about me. Not to mention, my mom is an Academic with a PhD, my dad plays guitar and bass like it’s a life form, so I was expected to be academic and musical. I excel in most subjects, and play 4 instruments (actually, I actively only play 2, but I know how to play 4)

Anyway, before we get into ma gradez, I need to explain my school’s grading system, because we don’t have your traditional A B C etc, we have 12345 and OVGSDN, so let me explain

Each grade has 2 parts: effort and attainment. Effort is graded 1-5, and is described as follows:

1 – Very good effort, sustained at all times
2 – Good effort, very few lapses
3 – Inconsistent effort
4 – Poor effort
5 – (This isn’t listed in the report, but my friends have asked teachers, and apparently there is a 5, but judging by the scale here, you can probably guess what a 5 would be)

Attainment is a bit more complex, and is graded OVGSDN, as follows:

O – Outstanding
V – Very Good
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
D – Evidence of Difficulty (idk what this means, but I got a D in P.E. because I missed like 2 months of it, because I nearly passed out, try and find that, it’s here somewhere)
N – Not Satisfactory

So, let me go through the grades:

Art – 1G
Biology – 1G
Chemistry – 2G
Design Tech – 1G
English – 1O (idk how i did that, I hate english to my teeth, but I guess I’m doing something right)
French – 1V
Geography – 1G
History – 1G (surprising because my teacher said I’m the reason history teachers come to work, but she isn’t a lenient lady)
Math – 1G
Music – 1V
P.E. – 1G (achievement because I SUCK and barely try in P.E.)
Physics – 2G
Religious Education – 1V
Spanish – 1V

So, those are ma gradez. Apparently, when I shared my O on snapchat, a girl in my class texted me saying it wasn’t fair that I got an O, so the teach ppl are coming down hard on us this year.

And, it’s also pretty uncommon to get an O, especially after the first semester, and extra especially after the teachers are slamming homework on you (for example: I had to learn 100 vocab words in Spanish in 2 days), so I’m pretty proud of myself 😀


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

(P.S: Because I’m on Christmas break, and I’ll probably spend 99.9% of my time in my room, away from my relatives, and closer to my laptop, I will be able to post!! YaY!)

Hey peeps

I promise im not dead, school has just been really hard and im also prepping for my flute exam in January, so I promise im not dead just lots of stuff is happening

I felt guilty for not posting so….

I may not post a lot until i get less homework so yeah im alive

Im not going to say chaio bc its literally pointless

And its 10pm here im tired



Ok, so at school (a couple of weeks ago we’re on half term right now), I literally had one of the most embarrassing days of that school year. Before we start, I just wanted to call out everyone mentioned in this story, but I am probably having a mood swing (or had just read some sad stories lol) so in an hour I will probably have euphoric feelings until I get depressed again

So that day, I couldn’t have a hot lunch at school (they had run out oops) and had to have a cheese bap, which I don’t exactly like. I sat down with my cheese bap and milk, and I spilled milk all over my bap. I didn’t have any vegetables/side dishes with my lunch, so I had half a soggy cheese bap for lunch

But in English (which is last period), I clipped my locker key onto my bag strap because I was bored as hell because I hate English.

After the lesson, I reached to my skirt to grab my key and obviously it wasn’t there. Now, my teacher is super nice so when I told her I ‘lost’ my key, she started to look for it. I burst into tears because that locker key was over 20 pounds (in currency because my keyboard doesnt have the pound sign soo…) and my phone was in my locker and if I came home without my phone my parents would be LIVID. There were a couple of people in the class doing the cliche ‘are you ok?’ in the most monotone voice you’ve ever heard. I eventually found my key and just hightailed it outside, where I tripped up the stairs on my way off the grounds.

So I’ve been on instagram and looking at these ‘give me hope stories’

This is pretty much the formula for a ‘give me hope story’

A title for the story, usually providing a small background

Something about feelings/emotion/depression etc
Some boy going out of his way to please the girl

Then ending with ‘[Name], you GMH’/'[Name], your LGMH’

(Gmh = Gives Me hope
Lgmh = Love Gives Me hope)

So I’m going to add a GMH story to this trend

A few weeks ago I ‘lost’ my locker key in English class

As my teacher was looking, I burst into tears
Nobody cared, because I’m unpopular and unliked

Nobody GMH

So that’s me being cliche and depressed (since when am I not cliche and depressed lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


I meant to post this on Saturday but oh well


I meant to post this yesterday but tbh I was busy so get 2 posts in 1 day (woo hoo) so DONT KILL ME IVE BEEN GOOD

8:15 am I went to our cafeteria where my squad (yea we’re a squad with a real name and everything) was waiting and we basically did the whole ‘omg I haven’t seen u in 2 months how have you been’ kinda thing. We walked around pretending like we knew what we were doing but in reality we probably looked a little dazed.

8:30 am We had our double form period where we basically went over rules, regulations (what am I saying they’re the same things) and stuff. I managed to break someone’s waterbottle because I’m SUCH A GOOD PERSON.

10:10 am We started math (I’m in the highest/top set if you were wondering) where, um I COMPLETELY EMBARRASSED MYSELF BY MESSING UP A PROBLEM ON THE BOARD but it was all Gucci.

11:10 am we had an early break because we were meant to be with our Year 7 buddies (we ‘mentor’ a kid a year younger than us bc you know starting secondary school and stuff) but mine is really nice and we’re kinda friends (jk we’re friends).

11:40 am We had our next double: History! The history teacher is SUPER cool basically she said ‘I’m not going to try and make you learn and you can doodle in class and do whatever you want as long as you can learn’ Like, YES. I doodle all the time because I an one of those people that has a shortish attention span and likes to draw even though I’m bad. And from her I learnt that my birthday was the same day Martin Luther King Jr was shot.

12:55 pm Lunch time!! I went with my friends on the school field and a bunch of Year 3s were there. This was our conversation

Y3: Are you seniors?

Me: Yea

Y3: Why are you here? Are you allowed here?

Me: We’re the lunchtime staff

(Ok I might have thought of that amazing comeback AFTER that convo but I’m still saving it for the future)

We were super late as in (any year 9 that haven’t eaten need to go to the front) like THEY DIDNT EVEN SAY MY YEAR GROUP THAT WAS HOW LATE I WAS but it was ok my friends are year 9 and I’m taller than them so I passed myself off as a year 9.

2:20 pm Spanish! In year 7 we had half a year of German and half a year of Spanish so we could get a feel of those subjects and then in Year 8 we got to pick our subjects. In the email my mom sent to school (basically an email the school sent out saying ‘is there any reason your child should be taking X language?) she said that she can fluently speak Spanish and like half the books we own are in either Russian or Spanish and my mom was (and I think still is) a Spanish uni teacher so I kinda had to go in Spanish but yeah. My mom was reading my text book when I got home to look out for ERRORS.

2:55 pm Last period of the day: English! We had the same teacher as last year who is one that’s like ‘oh, you murdered someone in my class? that’s ok just bring you homework for next week’ kind of person (she’s not exactly like that don’t worry) and we read some of Anne Frank’s diary which is super interesting.



~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂



The poll is closed!!

Ok so basically I meant to do this yesterday but it was first day of school, homework, heavy books etc. So I decided to do it today, so I’m not going to be changing the results (eg If you vote for like weekly posts AFTER this post is up then it doesn’t count) but I’m going to be doing DAILY POSTS! YAYY!

So for this post I’ll rant about my teacher who doesn’t like me.

So teachers were pretty much the same except for History and Physics where we got new teachers. The Physics teacher is completely new to the school (History teacher has been here for a long time so we kinda knew her like around the school) and she is a Dr. (like my Mom) Per my mom’s request, I asked her where she got her PhD (the thing you need to become a Dr) from.

‘Cambridge, ok?’


I’m a very quiet student, there are some who, um, aren’t. We sat in alphabetical order but the girl next to me is really nice (to me anyway) but is very loud. I have grown to tolerate this and kind of think of it as the you-need-white-noise-to-sleep thing. So my teacher loves that girl and I’m like BRUH. I DID A BIBLIOGRAPHY WHEN I WAS 9 (idk what that had to do with anything). I’m not trying to be one of those people who complain and want to be the teacher’s pet but like, the way she answered my question. The tone of her voice was very lets-get-this-out-of-the-way-so-this-moron-can-get-out-of-my-hair kind of tone. Basically the tone you get when you ask someone having a bad day how their day is going.

So I literally never raised my hand in class because, um, I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LIGHT (literally I’ve never felt stupider when obvious answers like ‘It’s bright’ were accepted. I mean I COULD HAVE CONTRIBUTED but my conscience is stronger than peppermint spray).

So that was my random rant about my Physics teacher that hates me


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Reacting to my drafts!!


Ok yes I know this post is a bit random but I was trying to think of what to post and I looked in my drafts and I have 13 DRAFTS. WTF.

So I thought it would be funny to post them and my written reaction (my reactions will be in bold and will be beneath the post (and I won’t react during the middle of the post because there might be some bold in the middle of the draft so 🙂 )

Untitled post

So, first of all I deleted that ‘goodbye’ post (if you haven’t seen it then that’s a VERY VERY GOOD thing) because it was like 9PM when I wrote it and I get messed up at night.


We went on a school trip to Stratford (which is in England and is the birthplace of William Shakespeare) and I will basically tell you (in a timeline format) what happened.

8:15AM I arrived at school with my little backpack, and non uniform (duh). I just hung out in the form room for 15 minutes.

8:30AM We got registered and got our lunches. I literally got the last cheese bap lol.

9:00AM We were on the coach (I sat next to *one* of my best friends both ways (mainly because we’re both lonely potatoes lol)). I was also hoping PRAYING that nobody was sick on the coach. My prayers were answered.


Ok so this was about a previous school trip to Stratford, and I made a depressing post called ‘Goodbye’ about me wanting to die (for the 2nd time lol) but I deleted it because I wrote it at night (what am I saying I write most of my posts at night) and I was all messed up, but jheez why did I feel the NEED to write about arriving to school like yeah since I went on a SCHOOL trip I need to arrive. Omg I’m messed up

One week…

(Lol I’m so bored and dizzy so enjoy my mindless rambles)
We have one week of school until summer with no lessons and let me tell you an=

Bruh I have no idea what is going on but I was writing about activity week (a time where we basically do workshops/trips all week and have no lessons and it’s pretty fun) but yes I have the right to celebrate because I mean it’s SUMMER, time for rain and unbearably hot weather! Yay! 😀

Reacting to August 2014 Archives

I’m just bored lol
Let me know if u would like to see more of these 🙂

I tried to make a screen record thing but wordpress doesn’t allow videos uploaded on a free plan so it kind of flopped, but they were SO fun to react to 😀 but I actually could make a vid and upload it to youtube and post the link on here…let me know plz

What I got for my birthday

My birthday was on Tuesday (4th) and as you can tell by the title, I will be telling you what I got for my birthday. Keep in mind I won’t be able to put pictures on because a) my computer is VERY slow and b) I won’t be able to show you the specific products, so there really is no use putting pictures in. (PS this might be a long post since my family spent like $500 on me 😀 )

1) Clip pencilcase, ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase, marshmallow pencilcase, pusheen pencilcase

I just wanted to clarify, a ‘clip’ pencilcase is basically 2 flat pencilcases with little clips so you can clip and unclip them.
A ‘bits and bobs’ pencilcase is a 3-pocket pencilcase (2 on the side and 1 in the middle) with ‘bits and bobs’ on it.
A ‘marshmallow’ pencilcase is a big long fluffy pencilcase that has a face on the end and

When I say Tuesday 4th I mean April 4 but I wrote that like a day after my birthday but don’t worry I got more than 3 presents lol (I got 5 ok jk) but I wish I did that post but I kinda forgot what I got 😦

Room renovation

Ok, so over the pat (month?) we changed my room! Let me give you the tour! Plus so

Week 1 – The desk

So, the bottom half of my room was stuffed full of CDs and cassettes. So we moved all that (an an entertainment centre) and stuck in a desk! There’s also a neat compartment to stick my f

I just wanted to say that during this summer we completely renovated my room *insert smirking face* and EVERYTHING in it is mine (it was mainly my dads because before I was born it was a recording studio) so I am writing this post on a new painted desk 😀 but what I’m talking about was in November we did half of my room and put in a desk and if you’re wondering the word beginning with f was folders because there’s a built in bookshelf on my desk so that’s where I put my books and folders for school

Has it been so long?

I posted just two weeks ago, but it feels like a month.
How did this happen?

I am a weird human being help me but seriously I’m really getting back into blogging (not as much as when I started (3 posts/day))

Spread the fun!

If you, or you have a friend who wants a blog, I’m here to help you set it

Ok so during this period I was changing settings, themes etc and was REALLY into blogging, and at that time a girl in my class was asking how to set up a blog so I was like HELL YEAH but it kind of never happened….

Follow #bloggishupdate – trending on!

Ok, so I guess I should give you an update. I’ve been wanting to do this for AGES. So let me do it…

My birthday!! I got a year older on April 4
School started -_-
I’m going to France!! Only 10 days left!!
House ban…we have to go to lunch in ‘houses’ – see earlier posts

1) Yes I did turn 11 during that post 2) For me the hardest time to go back to school is after Easter, maybe because the Summer term is coming and that screams SPORTS all over (and me being the nerdy little geek I am…) 3) I was freaking out about that trip lol (I’ve written a post about it I think so go check that out 🙂 ) 4) I hated that because I had like one friend who was in a different house so I was lonely at lunchtime once again…

Less and less frequent

-No post text-

I think I posted something with this title but I have nothing to react to so…GLUE STICK (I named the thing closest to me because I have no imagination)

iPod Shuffle Review

-No post text-

Um… ok. Well I posted an ipod shuffle review idk if it’s still there but um, yeah. I AM AN AVID AND PRODUCTIVE PERSON PINEAPPLE POOP (I had to come up with a couple of alliterations so ignore the pineapple poop but seriously I wonder if pineapple poop…ask google I have no idea)

A magical Xmas!

Happy (almost) Xmas!

Take some time to share this AMAZING tree 🎄

Riveting. (I remember this cartoon I watched about teenagers and one of them put a camera in a tree for a project and the other one said ‘Riveting’ in the most monotone vice ever….you have had to see the episode to understand) But that tree emoji is, um, magical? I DONT KNOW I AM NOT AN EMOJI EXPERT. (Can you be one?)

Spotlight on Piggy!

Ok for ny first December post I will do a bio on piggy.

And…that never actually happened but for ny first post I will learn how to spell!! (I put ‘ny’ on purpose during the reaction btw) but seriously I do love piggy I had him as my avatar for 3 years so I HAVE RESPECT FOR YOU SENOR PIGGY (idk how to put symbols in) but let me know if I should do a bio on piggy!

Weather relations pt.1 

So I decided to write this short story, that turned into a longer one. Here’s the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy! 🙂



“Come on girls, we’re moving!”

The voices of Bella and Fernando Hernandez rang through the Spanish mansion.

Georgia Hernandez froze. Her head started to sweat.

An hour later, the Range Rover sped away.

Arctic life had begun.




The snow shot through the sky, little white dots streaking through the black eternal

Ok so I started writing this, and I kind of quit. On Friday I went to one of my best friend’s houses and she read it and literally it was so cringey we were both laughing so hard (remember I dismissed this for 2+ years so it was funny to read it) and this was like version 83935239 because I ALWAYS rewrote it (not redrafted I always started from scratch with a completely different plot line) but its in my wattpad (bloggish) I think so read at your own risk

Ok I think that’s all my drafts and at this point in the post I wrote 1,541 words (wordpress had a word count btw) so this might be my longest EVER post!! Congrats to me and my long suffering hands (I had to type this all up (except for the drafts I just copied them)) but the longest blog post ever was like 160,000 words long after the author DIED at the keyboard so most of it was probably like 67hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6 (I actually rested my head on the keys that was fun) but let me know about the archives reaction and piggy bio plz!!

Also, even though I’m not closing the poll down until Thursday afternoon/evening it looks like I’m doing daily posts so expect the weekday ones to be a bit shorter after Thursday (but it levels out because I’m doing 5 short posts/week so it’s ok)

I’m going to go now because my hands are literally about to fall off because I have relaly bad cramps, but not before my word count reaches 1700!

1697 words…

1698 words…

1699 words


1700 words!!

And there is screenshot proof!

Anyways my hands are about to fall off (as mentioned 28432928 times) so I’m gonna go give them a rest by playing on my phone 🙂


(I decided not to do the ‘your __________ friend’ because it’s cringey)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Something Old Post Style & Important Announcement!

First of all, before we start I’ve been thinking of having a schedule for my posts so please vote on my poll (it’ll be closed by Thursday)

<noscript><a href=”

>How often do you want bloggish posts??</a></noscript>

And a little blast to the past…I downloaded the program I used to post on so I’m going to write it in my old cringey style (PS I’m not that
rich but whatevs)

School’s almost in….

Ever heard of the phrase ‘school’s out’? Well, I (the 9-year old genius I am) came up with a new phrase. School’s in! So let me give you
the benefits of Year 8 (7th grade)!

1) It’s like year 7, but like, you have some social status
2) I go to a SNAZZY private school so I’m filthy rich
3) We get heavier books!
4) We aren’t the runt!

Well, that’s all for today. It’s late and dark (wtf its 8pm) and I have an appointment for mr swing and an MP3 player!

Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

So that’s basically my old posting style (go ahead feel free to look at the archives) and the things in brackets don’t apply to the post
its just me reacting so um yeah

Plz vote on my poll


~bloggerofthebloggish Smile (it wont let me type the regular smiley so have this one for today lol)


*Haru/Winter if u r reading this I AM SORRY FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME*

Ok so I had the weirdest dream last night lol (bear in mind I’ve never seen Harus face so if in my dream u look completely different I apologize)

Ok so I was in this some kind of elegant banqueting hall on my way home from school (we moved to a new area in my dream and I got lost) and I kept seeing Donald Trump. Whenever I would go in his general direction he would just swerve without saying a word.

I was aimlessly walking around for like 45 minutes and I said to someone ‘hey do you know where xyz is’

‘Oh yeah just 3 times over the horizon’

So I started walking and eventually (somehow) i ended up outside my front door. I went up to my room and saw ‘Haru’ in my room just chilling on the floor

(In my dream, Haru was very gothic she had a black T-shirt with mesh sleeves and black ripped jeans. She had no makeup on and had thick black shoulder length hair)

I was really chill and was like ‘Hey’


‘Um why are you in my room’

‘I’m Haru!’

‘Okiveliterallyneverseenyoubeforeinmylifewhytfareyouinmyroom Oh hi!’

We were talking about random stuff I forgot what but it was actually fun!

My dream ended with me and Haru standing in front of a school helipad

I actually need help but Haru if youre reading this dont be offended or anything I just am a weird human being

I had a couple of others as well:

Dream 1:

I was standing in front of a pool and Liza Koshy and this other person were there like putting floats in the pool

‘Hey kid you wanna get in the pool with Lizzza?’

‘I could but I’m too good’


Dream 2:

(I wasn’t in this one btw)

There’s an animator called theodd1sout and he was teaching a kid how to swim. The kid was flat on his face in the pool floating towards the deep end

‘Well my job’s done’

Idk what happened to that kid (and he’s not the same kid in dream 3)

Dream 3:

There was like the X factor going on and in the pool there were the judges at their panel and the audience was there too. An orphaned boy came out, on crutches with one leg and wanted a selfie with one of the judges. Apparently, Ginny Weasley was in the background taking a selfie and he photo bombed apparently, so the audience climbs out of the pool and starts ATTACKING him (I laughed while writing this I’m messed up) but the boy wasn’t hurt because as soon as he was surrounded by people the dream ended

Dream 4 (last one I swear):

The Weasley family were eating at a table in the SAME FREAKING POOL and Idk how but George Weasley died and Fred said ‘at least I’m not the little one’ (btw Fred is actually older that is a PROPER FACT)

So those were all my messed up dreams (Haru if youre reading this plz msg me on ig) but I’ll post more insane ones in the future


Your insane friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Matlock bath (part 5000)

Idk how many of these I’ve done but I haven’t done one of these in a long time so…

(and to satisfy all of you, the person with me in the pics is my best friend who I went with and she gave permission for me to show her face in the pics but she will be unnamed)

So I’ll just put the pics and narrate them ok lets go

Dis is a view from the top of one of the hills (there’s a mountain as well there)

Me and my bestie (I’m the one in jeans btw) standing by the view 🙂

Me my bestie and my mom taking a selfie (we didn’t fit that well loll)

Us standing next to some metallic cows (actually sitting but oh well)

WE ARE ON A DONKEY (it isn’t real loll)

As u can probably tell my best friend is very very short so she had to jump to get her face in the hole and this is the best pic we got 😀

These are all from the cavern tour we went on (i didnt take alot of pics because it was dark and very slippery)

Us taking pics from the Tinkers Shaft (it was on a very high hill as well)

The view from the top of the hill on Tinker’s Shaft

Help me loll but I was trying to take a pic with the view and it kinda failed 😹

Also on the top of Tinkers Shaft

Us standing in front of the old cable car

Us standing in front of the new cable car (yes we went on/in a cable car)

Pics from the train (I had to cover the last one up because it had her Instagram name which has her real name in it so)


So we really liked it and basically went to the playgrounds, in an underground cavern, gem ‘mining’ (aka digging in a box of gems and filling a bag with them) and panning for fools gold and I had 2 slices of cake 😛

But it was fun and actually this is the last time I will see her until the 31st when school starts 😒


Your fat friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

(Officially) 3 YEARS


Its been 3 years yesterday (also the day of the eclipse that I DID NOT SEE) that BLOGGING STARTED OMG

I’m not going to put a long memorial post or anything because I am writing a long post straight after this one but just look up my 3 year post where I recapped my blogging journey



Your ecstatic friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Ok so this morning I was on snapchat and I came across one of the stories that said ‘blueberry’. I didn’t exactly think much of it like ok maybe it’s an in joke or something to do with love island (a show that everyone except me watches) or whatever. Then I saw ‘strawberry’ and another ‘blueberry’ that’s when I googled why people do this. I found:


And also this:


So I’m gonna go full kill-joy mode and say smh.

And also 10 reasons why this is completely stupid

1) Fruit is a FOOD and not a relationship object

2) Tbh it wastes everyone’s time

3) Nobody cares if you are a blueberry or a pineapple

4) Why are ppl my age even concerned about relationships I go to an all girls school 🙄

5) It will just cause drama if you are a lemon but someone has a huge crush on you

6) It’s yet another pointless thing people do for ‘raising awareness’ when in reality it isn’t actually doing anything when your followers are friends from kindergarten

7) I like pure food

8) Don’t confuse anyone life is already confusing enough

9) It’s completely stupid

10) If you have time to do this then please find something to do

Now about #6, I like to raise awareness for diseases but when you see ‘add ________ for cancer and I can see who saw this’ for the 50th time I kind of want to stop. If you want to do something meaningful then do a bake sale or a sponsored silence and give your money to a cancer charity or whatever disease you’re raising awareness about. Or if you want to do something easy, then set up a blog or put leaflets up but don’t waste time putting useless ‘add ______ for cancer’ on social media. It isn’t doing anything, nobody cares and it’s just pointless

And if you have hate then just send it to my Sarahah ( where I don’t read it and don’t care

But to hop on this moronic trend I will say this:

I am mostly a blueberry but other times I’m a raspberry except for the Sundays when I’m a pineapple or when I’m a lemon which is only occasionally. But when I’m hanging with friends I’m a cherry but other times I can just be a banana



Your loveless friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Idk if anyone here has heard of this, but in my neighbourhood there are like 2 schools, so people from my school follow people from other schools our age.

Literally everyone is using Sarahah, where you could leave anonymous feedback and yeah…I have an anxiety disorder I'm an introvert so I decided no.


I deleted it soon after but here are the messages that I got

Yeah I suck at makeup I know that but ok before I continue everyone will say 'yeah it's anonymous feedback people can put what they want bla bla bla…' but JUST LET ME RANT OK

I see other people respond to Sarahah messages that are like 'fit' and 'bestie' etc. Now I know I've only had it for like 3 hours but still (all my friends are nerds anyway so they wouldn't do that lol) IM TRYING OK

But can you see why I love people like omg I love humanity if this is what people think of me then why am I spending all this energy trying to earn their approval


go ahead leave your hate but just so you know I'm not getting involved in this Sarahah stuff because my ego is already pretty deflated

God I hate myself I actually suck at makeup

THANK YOU FOR THE CLARIFICATION I WILL NOW GO SIT IN A DITCH BYE I LOVE HATE YOU ALL (unless you didn't write that and are actually nice in real life)


Your depressed friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Ps don't get too concerned I'm going to the beach tomorrow so I'll forget about this anyway 🙂

I have no idea what I’m doing

I'm bored af it's almost 11pm and I'm listening to songs that I had like a year ago but they're actually really good and stuff yeah

So I'll just talk about my anxiety disorder because it makes me feel special

I had an appointment in June when I got diagnosed and I missed like 90% of French class and everyone was doing past tense and I was like OK I KNOW NONE OF THIS SO HOPEFULLY THE TEACHER KNOWS THAT I JUST WALKED IN AND NOT CALL ON ME

'Samantha what's question 5'

Blood pressure: 100000000000000000000


And the thing was everyone loved that teacher except for me, she was one of those who DANCED AROUND THE CLASS to get us to learn words

%of French forgotten because of that strategy: 99.9999999999999999994%

Of course there was that time I was told *by my TUTORS* that when I write here I'm 'in the moment' and should let myself recouperate or whatever


ok I'll just never say anything to anyone again and slowly go insane

And I'll blame you ok good

But you know in that class with the teacher everyone loves (French in my case) and everyone becomes a suck up yeah that's why French was hell for me because I was just bored because I completed the whole exercise when the teacher wasn't even done with question 1 so I just fiddle around and pray the clock is slow or something god school is boring

Not that French is different because there's suck ups everywhere so I'm not exactly surprised

I am not a suck up, in fact I'm probably the first one to not do anything for my teachers birthday because I believe in mutual gifts so you give me a gift I'll give you one back

I'm bored

But everyone always asked me 'oh do you like Miss XYZ' and I'm like haha no and they're like 'oh she's so fun she dances and plays games and stuff'


I'm just a weird person ok moving on

I'm a good student my grades are good and I'm pretty much a 'teacher's dream' (my moms a teacher and she told me that so yeah)

I WANT AN OREO – bloggish 2k17

idk what I just did lol

I'm bored lol

Oh we cleaned this giant box that had been in the kitchen for like 10 years and my dad stood where the tote was and started crying like DUDE it's a piece of carpeting

Like I got makeup brushed yesterday that were expensive

'We could have gone to B&Q and got you paintbrushes for £5'


no no no the female mind doesn't work like that


ok I'm going to go my thumbs hurt


Your weird friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

10 weird things I did when I was little (pt 2)

Ok so I wrote this like 1 second after I posted the pt 1 (yay I’m on track) but here are 5 weird photo phases I went though (thanks to snapchats date tracker i can also say when I had these phases as well)

1. I had this thing where I did a ✌️ over my face and looked up like a zombie. (November 2016) Exhibit A:

2. I also had a phase where I would just STARE into the camera intently for no apparent reason and slightly open my mouth. Idk why (November 2016)

3. I had this thing where I would weirdly tilt my head to the side and put my hand on my chin. Help plz. (September 2016) and yes I’m wearing a rainbow dash mlp t-shirt? Ok? It’s comfy.

4. I had this thing where I would look to the side (no ✌️ but kinda related to it) like I was caught off guard and I realised I took the selfie below on a BUS, imagine how people would react just seeing me pose for a selfie (God I’m so embarrassing)

5. And finally my obsession with the dog filter. Need I say more?

OK I THINK WE CAN ALL ESTABLISH FROM THIS POST THAT IM UGLY AF BUT whatever just leave your comments and don’t confront me about how I’m ‘hurting you’ or ‘fishing for compliments’ or whatever because I don’t care (I’m writing this at like midnight so I’m going crazy here ok?) because I’ve had people (they know who they are) peers and TEACHERS that have confronted me like ‘oh your hurting us’ or ‘just write in a DIARY’
Nice way to tell someone with anxiety. That is so nice, I LOVE MY SCHOOL SO MUCH

ok the insanity is getting to me now :/

But seriously I don’t care about your opinion because it’s not my job to make you happy, this is where I express myself so if you don’t like it then leave I don’t care just don’t be an idiot and confront me even after the disclaimer so yeah I could really care less about what you think so bye

But if you’re my friend (irl or blogging) then you can skip past this rant because that was for the people who read it and decide to make a stupid decision and confront me even after I said to not do that wow I love people

Ok I’m going to end it because I’m going crazy now


Your enraged friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

10 weird things I did when I was little

Ok so when I was little I was always that kid who made a big scene at the kindergarten drop off. You know that kid, who thinks their mothers jeans are the key to immortality. I was that kid for about 2 years. So I inspired myself to do 10 weird things I did when I was little (and maybe some of you did too idk)

1. I thought leftover toothpaste (aka toothpaste sitting in the cupboard for a month) was poisonous

2. I never stepped on the cracks, but I didn't hear the famous saying until later

3. I cried when I broke a headband

4. I could save up to £100 at a time and now I'm lucky if I can save £5

5. I had this phase where everything in my backpack had to be yellow. I don't know why (even though yellow is my favourite colour idk why i had this whole theme going on)

Ok even though the title said 10 I'm going to do part 2 where I do weird photo phases bc I was going through my old snapchat stuff and found lots of cringy photos so yeah


Your embarrassing friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

I think I hit a new low

Ok so if you know me you know I have like 3 friends. I am an INTROVERT with ANXIETY and VISCULAR HYPERSENSITIVITY (ok didn't need to add that last part but whatever)

For the past 3 weeks I have done nothing but sit on my butt and binge-watched dance moms all day. Sounds fun right?'

NOT WHEN YOU GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND EVERYONES LIKE 'omg I'm in …….' or '……… with bæ/bestie!!'

That actually depresses me because all my friends are on holiday so I'm a lonely shlub who makes their parents mad by saying 'hey can I NOT sit on my butt all day?'

Wow I love summer

Like if I'm in public and see someone with their friends I get social anxiety because I'm with my mom who (is kinda) embarrassing and I'm a prepubescent girl wanting a friend :d

HELP ME 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

But seriously my high is seeing a rainbow outside my house.

'OMG Spain with bæ! Since day 1' LYSM'

Please take me to heaven where I will have friends and not be lonely with my social anxiety



Your crippled lonely friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦


Ok so I had this freaky dream and I'm gonna tell u about it bc I couldn't sleep for like 2 hours after this

Basically my class was going on a plane somewhere and intu Derby was the airport. A girl in my class had a disabled brother who lived in a car and he would always cry. We somehow got to our destination and our class was playing games. I suddenly showed up to the train station to get my mom (in real life she commutes to work by train so it wasn't out of the ordinary) and my dad was there with a guy and it was 11:30 pm (my mom is usually home around 8pm) and my dad was calm when I came in but I asked him about my mom and he freaked out. This other guy (employee?) sat down with me and started telling me about all the homeless people and little children at the station and I started to cry. (In Derby station there is a WHSmith in the lobby) The girl's brother & family were in the WHSmith (they lived there?) and her brother was crying and screaming bc he couldn't fall asleep. My mom never showed up so my dad said 'I have an idea!' He ran to the (suprisingly considering there was only 3 people inside) crowded platform and jumped on the train tracks. He had to land in a specific place to survive. If they turned green, he'd survived. If they turned red, he died. The employee and me jumped and he said 'land on the small bits'. I did, but I leaned over to the big bits and died.



Your freaked out friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

A 3 year reflection

It’s 11:00pm and I’m hungry af but I don’t care because I’m probably not going to get any sleep tonight…HERE WE GO WITH THIS POST WOO

Ok so if you guys know I started blogging in August of 2014, and my little 9-year old self had NO IDEA what blogging actually was and yeah. Here is a reflection of my blogging years (so far) LETS GO WOO

August 2014

I started blogging, and literally all I remember was I put 🐱🌈 at the end of every single post, I always ended them with ‘hope you enjoyed!’ and my mom always had to read and ‘approve’ my posts. Now she’s probably in bed lol

December 2014

Ok I think I got into blogging a bit (haha my average was like 3 posts a day) and I became OBSESSED I remember I used to write a really long post every Saturday night because I had my laptop in bed then. Now, I don’t like my laptop in bed because A) it’s big and B) it does not have my favourite thing ever which is night shift

January 2015

Ok, so I kinda matured (ha lol nope) and posted 43 posts that month, and I actually got a tablet (which broke after 6 months of usage…)

June 2015

Ok, so I think this is when the ‘spam war’ happened (idk) so basically it was me & Amy vs like Lizzie, Sidra and a bunch of others. Lizzie would like SPAM Sidra’s comment section and basically me and Amy had enough and just unintentionally (idk) kicked her off and convinced Lizzie to start her own blog. And of course I was an over dramatic kid and threatened to suicide. Wow, real light hearted 

January 2016

This was my bad year. I had started Year 6 (aka 5th grade) and basically had NO TIME on my hands at all, idk why I had only like 1 club but it’s ok…I only posted like 3 times a month

June 2016

I was completely inactive from like April-July idk why (hey it rhymes)

January 2017 

I started to get into blogging and actually started to post…a bit?!

June 2017

And…we’re back I started to post A LOT from like April but started to take more interest in blogging which is good because I love this thing

Now I’m not a cheesey person but when you’re awake at 11:00pm from like a 14 hour day I do strange things….

I want to say thank you for all the friends I’ve made (and all the chatzys I’ve been on) because together we are a bunch of antisocial emo teens who wear black and complain how our outfits are ugly

Thank you if you are still reading this, and I’m tired so I’ll just try to ignore the weird noises in my room.


Your sleepy friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

50 facts about me/50 facts about bloggish (PART 1)

Before we start, I just wanted to say all the even numbered facts (2,4,6 etc) will be about bloggish. All the odd numbered facts will be about me. Just wanted to clear that up.

1. My real name is Samantha

2. Bloggish will be 3 years old on August 21

3. I am from England

4. Bloggish took 4 months before it was public

5. I am half American and half Russian

6. Bloggish originally started as a forum only my parents could read

7. I have an American accent

8. I honestly don’t know why I called my blog bloggish

9. I don’t actually own a pig (or any pets)

10. I came up with my username by being literal (I am the blogger of this blog)

11. My favourite colour is yellow

12. No-one knew about bloggish until October of 2014

13. My favourite food is salted popcorn

14. Prior to creating bloggish, I had only read 1 blog before

15. I’m an April baby ^-^

16. In late 2014/early 2015 I posted about 4 times a day

17. I am obsessed with animation

18. In early 2017, I had a 2-month gap where I didn’t post

19. I am on my phone pretty much 24/7

20. I have had 5 blogs that were called Loom band lessonz, Class E blog, Bloggish club, Cass’s blog (cass was a character I made up) and Bloggish

21. I am 5’6″

22. I have had 2 gravatars; a purple butterfly and piggy who you know and love XD 

23. I took a BMI test and found out I’m average weight (I had no idea why I put this here lol)

24. On average, I post 1-3 times a week

25. I play the flute and am doing my grade 4 in January

Well, that’s it for my facts (I’ll do part 2 sometime don’t worry)


Your fact-filled friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


End of year review

Ok, so on Friday school ended, which for me is like a *huge* victory. So, I decided to take the time today to stop my head from spinning doing an honest reflection about this year.

I’m not going to be a piece of cheese and say ‘I thoroughly enjoyed being told how I can’t express myself’. Nuh-uh. I’m going to go through, month by month and say 1 good thing and 1 bad thing about that month, because there are just as many bad things as there are good things.


PRO: School started and I can get rid of my cabin fever.
CON: VOMIT CITY (and we all know how I feel about vomit…)


PRO: I was kinda getting the hang of school and could walk from class to class without forgetting where room 14 was. (we didn’t have a room 14 class until February lol)
CON: I spent Halloween with stomach cramps.


PRO: Not an eventful month.
CON: Reports -_-


PRO: Christmas (duh)
CON: The house was so cramped I barely had room to breathe.


PRO: New Year!
CON: Class assembly -_-


PRO: Half term holiday
CON: Reading week


PRO: I saw my best friend in a production
CON: Dizzy spells


PRO: My birthday 😀
CON: My grandma had to ruin it


PRO: Half term
CON: My dad’s birthday (he hates his birthday so he was crabby all day)


PRO: Exams
CON: Exams


PRO: End of school
CON: End-of-year drama

So that’s my reflection of the school year (I actually had to find the school calendar to write this. DEDICATION 😀 )


Your sunburnt friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Ok, PLEASE LISTEN (Literally I’ve done this like 3 times and NOBODY listens to me so I’m making this sticky lol)

There has been a lot of drama going on (at this time) and I just want you to listen.

First, what happens here STAYS HERE. If you don’t like a post, DO NOT ADDRESS THIS IN PERSON. Surprisingly, I’m a human.

Just a depressed anxious stupid human.

Second, I do not mention names, and if you know a post is about you, then that’s your own fault. Starting now, I’m not taking any posts down unless there is a LEGITIMATE reason, (and no, me referring to you as ‘a girl’ and being “revealed” is not a legitimate reason).

And finally, if you don’t like this blog why are you reading? There’s a wonderful X in the top right of your browser. Also, this is where I express myself. I hate keeping a diary because I just hate writing because I get hand cramps. I’m horrible at music, and I will probably play high A’s all the time. I don’t like drawing because I’m terrible and never finish. I’m very impulsive when I post, and NO IT IS NOT EASY TO TALK TO AN ADULT.

Whenever I talk to my dad I get this ‘oh stop complaining’
Whenever I talk to my mom she gets mad at me.
I don’t want to talk to teachers because like *my parents* I’ll be the lonely solider with a water pistol fighting against all of Russia armed with machine guns. It’s not easy. If you actually read my last post I have a disorder so literally ANSWERING A QUESTION in class takes courage. I always feel judged, so it’s easier to talk on the interne because they won’t see my life and judge me.
I can’t talk to childline because my parents tell me off about it.
I want somewhere to express myself. YOU CAN ALL HAVE A PLACE, SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY WAY?

*Literally I was considering standing in the road on the way home from school today but if I tell anyone they’ll say ‘oh you have a great life’*

(Impulsive anger rages inside)

Please actually listen and hopefully my life will be adequate


Your depressed sad mad angry lonely suicidal pessimistic hurt ignored ok friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦

I have a problem

Ok, so I went to the hospital today to see about my dizziness and stomach pains.

They told me probably labyrinthitis (infection of the inner ear) and they referred me to the ear department.

They said stress was also a factor, but of course, since it’s me, it had to be worse, right?

I have an anxiety disorder

I have high anxiety (constantly) and have LOTS of small panic attacks.

Basically my chest butterflies have had babies and grandchildren. Oh, and they’ve made a nest too.

I’ll be in therapy and probably have to leave school because of it (yay!)

What was surprising was that people in my class actually cared. Wow.

My best friend also cared, but my other best friend (who I actually hate jk) doesn’t care but like our relationship is salty like that.

IDK what happens in therapy but…


Your anxious friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Please note before you read this is that HE is periods 3 and 4.




So, as you all know, HE is my death. Its my worst subject, and the teacher had the NERVE to call me a twit. (Ldt me know if u want the story 🙂 ) Other kids don’t like it either. I have HE on Mondays. We have this Monday, next Monday and the Monday after that until school’s out. At the time of this, it is 6:50PM. School ends at 3:35PM. HE is at 10:10AM.

Next week, we are missing our morning lessons for a buddy thing with the younger year (no lessons until period 7 😀 ) and the Monday after is ‘activity week’ where we do a bunch of random things. And also its the last week of school.


But, of course. We have sports day next week, and idk if you know but I cannot run. At all. Like, I will PASS OUT AND/OR VOMIT. I have plans next Thursday, no thank you.


I will just email my house captain like this:

Dear [name],

Because of your inability to look at the athletics book (to which I have no time for the 1500m bc I didn’t do it in class), I will have to GRAB AN EFFING WHIP and say ‘hey did my teacher tell you I will pass out if I do it?’

Please be bothered to move and CHECK THE RECORDS and put someone in who actually can run.

Yours sincerely,

An actual student.

And also, there’s a girl in my class who can’t do high-jump. Like, she doesn’t have a medical problem. She just cannot do it.


Also I found a song that is called

‘There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet’ (by Panic! At the disco)



Your enraged friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Handcuffs have been loosened

YES! I finished exams (last week but who cares lol) and I feel like poop now. I think for *most* people my grades are pretty good, but idek the whole conversion to % and grades so plz help me out 😀 .

Let me tell you my grades bc honestly GCSEs are like 4 years away so tbh I don’t really care. (GCSE are like big exams in England, just google if u don’t know)

Maths (Non calculator) – 91%
Maths (Calculator) – 86%
English (Comprehension) – 95%
English (Creative Writing) – 95%
Religious Studies – 81%
Music – 85%
Chemistry – 78%
Biology – 69%
French – 90%
French Orals – 84%
Physics – 78%
History – 79%
Geography – 75%

Our teachers told us to not share our results but tbh I don’t care if people know.

Plz let me know what equivalent the % would be to a grade and if my grades are good or not (heck no)


Your dumb friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Instagram RANT pt 2

Now I remember why I quit…

1) People’s names in bio

If I go on someone’s profile, they have the initials of their ‘besties’. Me, well I am obviously not normal and actually put something ABOUT myself. Wow, rebellious.


I think every single selfie I have looked at has at least 10+ comments like ‘peng’ and ‘hottie’. Of course, every selfie except the ones on my profile. And even when I think I look adequate, I feel my ugliness seep in after a week of a comment free selfie. Wow. I should really get a face transplant. Shoot.

3) Someone choose next Insta

Not only am I ugly and selfish, I’m also unpopular (wow like I didn’t know that). I put on my story ‘someone choose next insta’. After like 3 days I get nothing. 

Someone else put the same thing 3 minutes ago. I reply saying I want to. 

“Sorry someone’s already chose”

Of course. Just my luck. I guess I’ll just occupy myself with this sharp thing in the corner. Bye.

And the painful fact that I have to go back to school on Monday and face exams. Help.


Your ugly selfless unpopular friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦

Home Ec Hell

Yes, even though I’m missing home ec next week because of exams, we are making SCONES.

That is not a good thing.

Last week, we had a scone tasting session. If you have heard of me as the ‘party puker’, I had a cheese scone right before my expulsion.

So, being the emetophobic and hypochondriac I am, I did NOT want anything to do with scones. I did not sign up to this class to eat.


‘Well I really want you to do it’.

TIMES 500000000000000000000. (jk)

This is what I wanted to say:


And if that isn’t bad enough, lots of people are making cheese scones.

*Dear Lord.

At around 10:30AM on Monday 12th June, please could I “coincidentally” have a dizzy spell and go to the medical room, so I don’t have to make scones. And make sure it lasts until around 11:20. Thanks.


And I also cried myself to sleep last night, and wasted my time looking at memes at 5AM.

I have a great life.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


The post when you have 3 weeks before exams and you haven’t revised a thing

Yes, I am guilty of not revising (yet)



I chose to be buried with the other exam sufferers at exam memorial st, Venice, Rome.

Some nice forget me nots would be good. Or just some roses.

And THANK YOU to all those who attended my funeral. It was a lovely party.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂